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Thank god someone invented this!

When I first tried this Sephora was selling the little bottle of this so I thought I would give it a try. Finished that in no time and now I have the full size bottle on its way! It really does help your makeup stay all day in the hot sweaty nasty heat. Love this product!

takes everything off!

its very affordable and its gentle on my skin. It literaly gets everything off in one swipe i dont need to go over an area twice. it just breaks down that makeup like magic. I really like it.

Gets makeup off quick

i like how I can get all my makeup off with just one of these clothes, they do work really well. I just wish they didnt leave my face feeling all greasy after. But whatever just have to wash it off quickly and I'm all set for bed :)

Does as promised

I watched a lot of reviews before I bought this and when I bought it on sephora then received it I was disappointed that I didnt get the bigger size! :( I really like it and I'm almost out! Just wish it wasn't so pricey!

Holy grail

I love cover girl mascaras they have just always worked for my lashes. I was really excited to try this one with the big brush when they first came out. I still try other mascaras but nothing compares to this formula and brush. It does take some getting use to at first if your not use to such a fat brush but it fans out and separates my lashes perfectly and I love the formula.

Everything you need out of an eyeliner

i love these eyeliners because they do so much if you could only have one eyeliner it would be this one! It's smooth and creamy so you can glide it gently on to your water line. It's creamy enough for you to smudge it for a little smokiness. Its highly pigmented and it's waterproof!! Love that!

Quick clean

i love this product because it cleanse my brushes so quick no need to get your soap out and get ready for surgery. Just grab a paper towel dampen it with the brush cleaner fluid and swip your brushes back and forth or around in circles depend on the brush and set to dry. Super quick and easy!

Great all over color

I love Mac eyeshadows they have a huge range of high pigmented colors I just wish they weren't so damn expensive lol. I love naked lunch its great as an all over the lid color for a neutral everyday look and it's a really nice Highlight color too!

Soft ochre and painterly

When I put a primer on my lids I can't have them concealed and set with powder or else everything starts to cake up. With these they cover up the darkness on my eyes so the eyeshadow colors stay true. Just have to work fast because these dry fast.

looks natural

I like how it makes the skin look naturaly flushed and not powdery or over done. First time trying a cream blush and ill definetly be getting more! im very impressed.

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