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Covers up dark cirlcles!

I have tried soooo many different concealers and they just never worked! A friend told me about this and i was scared to try it because it was so pricey but am i glad i did! It works great for under the eyes and no caking up!

Love the color

I wish they were a bit cheaper because 20 dollars is a lot for a blush! Thats why i went with the my favorite color because i dont know if i would spend that much again on a blush. but I LOVE that color so much!

Great Value!

These are so great for ANY look you want to achieve I mean there are 88 colors! They are very shimmery and the color pay off is pretty good too! 20 dollars for 88 eyeshadows i think is pretty good! This is one of my very first palettes i ever purchased! i love it

Excellent Value!

I didnt know how much i would enjoy them until i made a small purchase of these lipsticks online and im not a lipstick person. I figured since i have been doing makeup looks i should probably have the whole face look done up. I loved thier creamy texture and the wide range of colors that i now own 20 different colors. They are a great value!

very good base!

I mostly like the color Milk its an awesome eyeshadow base. Makes my eyeshadows more vibrant and they stay on pretty good without a lot of creasing. Also like that its very affordable!

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