Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Rosie A.
Super creamy & great color payoff

This eye liner has quickly become one of my favorites, it glides on easy for a smooth and even application. I got it in one of UD palette's but I liked it so much I bought 2 full size eye liners in Zero and Flipside

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Abriana H.
I like them!

Love these. I just wish they didn't smudge so much when it's hot out. I have to reapply during passing period at school and touch up.Very good brand though. I LOVE Urban Decay :)

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Zoe C.
Amazing colours and really good!

I have both Ransom and Zero, although Zero is my favourite of the two, it's a really nice shade of black, but I also love ransom as its a really beautiful unique colour that looks awesome! :) The pencils are so easy to apply because they feel so smooth, like butter! :)

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Lindsay R.
Great texture

i love the easy of application and color choices but it doesn't stay on long. I find gel eyeliners do better. The color does smudge well if you like the smokey, dramatic look.

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Katherine Y.

I am a bit disappointed in this product. Almost everyone swears by this or the Make Up Forever pencil eyeliner so I set my expectations very high. My eyes tend to become very watery so I really hoped that this product could deliver amazing results.

Nonetheless, for personal experience, the liner works decently for my eyelids but smears a bit which is pretty annoying. As for my water line, the liner usually disappears by the time I finish work. I definitely think using gel eyeliner works best for me (in terms of lasting power) but since I'm always in a rush to leave for work, I really like the convenience of pencil liners and easy they are to apply.

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Kristina E.

I love it as a pencil liner if I plan on smudging it, or putting it on the lower lash line. If I want a defined line, I'll use a liquid or a gel, and this doesn't go on my water line at all. It looks gray and blotchy and doesn't stay put.

It's great for smoking out or smudging, and for the lower lash line, but that's it.

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Elaina Y.
Such a disappointment!

I got this product with high expectations since it's been a product that has really been well recieved and raved about in the makeup community. Sadly, this product did nothing that it claims to. First off I do have fairly oily lids but everytime I use any kind of eye makeup I will always use an eye primer (Urban Decay's Eden) which usually gives me no problem with any shadow or liner that I use. I bought this product because its colour pay off is really dark and the pencil glides on really smoothly. I tried this eyeliner in 2 places, on my top lid as an eyeliner and also in my upper water line. I don't really like pencil liners because you need to constantly sharpen them to get a nice point for more precise lines, that could be a waste of product and also you need to get an sharpener for it. On my eyelid this product was hard to control since the tip was too big and not sharp enough, I like slightly winged liner and with this liner it was almost impossible to wing without having to wipe my eye with a Q-tip or using an eyeliner brush to smugde it out to a wing. The colour goes on the lid dark, but within hours it fades to a grey, which is something I hate for an eyeliner to do. It smudges and in the waterline, it does not stay at all! In a couple of minutes the product in the upper waterline smudges to the bottom of the eye and the rest of it just disappears. For the price that I paid for this liner, it does not deliver at all on its promise. Even some drug store liners perform better than this. When I swatched this on my hand the results were completely different, no smudging after it set, it was an intense dark colour and no fading. I will have to return this product to Sephora. This is a product I highly do not recommend, unless you are going for a smoky smudged out liner look.

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Brita H.

I have finally found eyeliner which stays on my waterline and does not spread! Glides on easily and it is very creamy and soft. Stayed on perfectly all day.

Julia R.

Zero is a rich, demi-matte black (not as rich or black as it's deeper cousin, Perversion, though). Like other UD pencils, it feels creamy and smooth on the lash line, and didn't drag, skip, or migrate. I got the color I desired in one pass. It also shows up darkly on the waterline. I achieved perfect wear for 10 hours, and great wear on the waterline for half that time. Black liners are a dime a dozen nowadays, so it's so important to find one that does things right. Zero is a perfect, wearable option. LOVE!

(read the full review on peakvolume.blogspot.com)

Cassandra D.
I have this in every color!!

I love URBAN DECAY! It is my favorite brand! These eyeliners are the best eyeliners you will find! They are beautiful colors and they are so smooth and do stay on for soooo long! LOVE IT!