Brush Cleanser


Nicole A.
Not that effective

The pros of this Brush cleaner is that it is quite large, and it can be used to back2mac for a free lipstick other then that well.....I don't find it to clean my brushes very well, I have to use quite a bit and still have dirty water after rinsing. I love alot of red burgundy and purple shadows which are very dark and can not seem to get them out of the brush with this. I'm just waiting to finish the bottle up and I will not repurchase...Also liquids of any kind foundation, concealer, etc never comes off completely either. I have better luck with a makeup wipe. I do love mac but this product was a miss for me, maybe in a gel or solid form it would work better. (:

Nikki L.
Perfect for spot cleaning!

I have used this for full brush cleaning but I felt I was using too much as I went through the bottle so quickly. I now keep this in a spray bottle on my vanity and use it for spot cleaning every time I use a brush. I use a simple anti-bacterial hand wash to fully clean my brushes, but using the MAC brush cleanser daily makes deep cleaning quicker and easier.

Karen B.
Super quick cleaning!

The best makeup brush cleaner I ever used. It makes my brushes so soft (unlike soap). I like that I can do a "quick" clean of my brushes and use it for a weekly deep clean.

Ashton W.
Easy and Fast

As a makeup artist I am CONSTANTLY cleaning my brushes, like multiple times a day. This stuff is powerful, even works better than antibacterial soap at removing pigment (though you still do want to wash your brushes in anti-bacterial soap every so often depending on how much usage your brush gets to kill any bacteria which can cause irritations, infections or break outs...sanitation is key!). Plus it is really gentle on your brushes and keeps them conditioned, some brush cleansers can be stripping to the hairs.

Sarah T.
Quick and Easy

This is the only brush cleaner i use and love , theres no going back to another for me ! It takes minuets to clean all your brushes, fast drying, doesn't have a strong smell. Only con i think is that you have to pour it, it would be much easier and less wasteful if you could spray it, so get a spray bottle and pour it into that , i bought the spray pump from mac for this not realising its only for travel size bottles so it didn't fit.

Aubrey G.

This is the brush cleaner i use and i love it! Brushes come clean so easily, and you only need to use a little bit. The only downside is you have to pour it, and it can easily waste. Getting a spray bottle and putting it in might be a helpful thing

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Chelsea P.
I dont use anything else!

Brush cleaners are muck like mascara. Its always difficult to find the perfect one. However, once you find that certain product- there is no going back! This brush cleaner is that of the holy grail to me :) The formula is gentle enough not to harm the bristles of my brush, yet it is tough enough to get all product off of them within seconds! My only "beef" with this product would have to be the packaging. I like to empty my bottle into a dollar store spray bottle. This doesn't let me waste even the smallest drop :)

Ariane C.
super efficient

I do really love this product. I noticed how quickly it breaks down gel eyeliner out of a synthetic brush. It's as if the gel liner was butter that was melting away. I like the smell of it, it smells clean rather than perfumed. I just wish that it had a spray nosel like the Sephora brush cleanser so that you don't waste any liquid, which can happen easily with the pouring spout thing.

Arianne B.

Sooooo convenient for spot cleaning brushes. No one wants/needs to deep clean every single one of their brushes everyday.. This is definitely what you should use in between deep cleanings!

Donna T.
good stuff!

I use this brush cleaner on the daily. It's my favorite way to quickly clean my brushes off without actually having to go through the hassle of washing them with shampoo. I've tried a few other brush cleaners and I feel like they didn't moisturize my brushes like the MAC one did. It's kind of expensive, but worth it! I gave it 4/5 stars because I don't like the method of letting your brushes soak in the cleaner, I wish there was a way it lathered up like shampoo does to wash your brushes.