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A great pair to any Nude occasion.

You cannot deny that when your looking for a certain lipgloss mac always seems to have it. I was 13 when my mom purchased My very first Lipglass, i was hook, lined & sinkered into the amazing world of MAC. I own a few of these and i always have atleast one on me at all times. I purchase mine at my local MAC store for $14 a bottle or i usually B2M for a new color as well. why you ask?

-Small comact tube with applicator -Traditional MAC Smell (vanilla undertone) -Medium Price range and located almost everywhere -Sticky but amazing shine! Give any lipstick the extra UMPH! -Build-able & last for a good amount of time. Reapplication always needed. -Lots of product, so your not going to run out quickly. - A Back to MAC Product so that itself rocks.

If you have never tried one, you should. The smell itself it awesome (i prefer it!) but the product speaks for itself and the company behind it knows it. Try it. Your going to like it. :)

Set your day off with some Glitter.

It shouldn't be a surprise that these glitters by NYX are nothing short of amazing. They pack a punch and set a high standard for cosmetic glitter in the makeup community. I have been using these for a few years now, and i will always go back for more. They are so universal! I purchased mine first online and recently at my local Ulta for between $1-3 dollars. Heres why:

-Small compact tube, with screw top lid to keep product tightly in place. -Small tube = harder to get product out (like NYX Pigments) -High shine glitter, Sticks well with a Glitter primer or adhesive (this is a must!) -Affordable and located in local Ulta & online (for me atleast) -Very small but plenty of product for endless fun. -Great cosmetic Glitter for Eyes, Lips & Nails or Body painting. - Lots of fall out, but hey what pigment or Glitter doesn't.

Pair these Glitters with the NYX Candy Glitter Liners and you will be set for any occasion! I personally love adding a hint of glitter to most of my looks. they add the extra pop im always looking for. I highly recommend you pick these up if your a Glitter Gal too :)

Lunch Special: Secret Bombshell

I'm a sucker for anything that says bombshell. Literally. Bombshell=sexy right off the bat! The Pink glass bottle is very cute, not bulky and screams feminine with its light pink tones and ribbon. I couldn't deny myself this perfume. here why.

-Cute Glass bottle with jewel like cap and perfect sitting on my bathroom counter -Glass = NOT safe for travel -The note blends amazing and smells fabulous! Great for DAYTIME -This perfume gives me a clean, fresh smell with a hint of floral escapes. -Don't over spray.. its strong enough as it is

I am happy adding this perfume to my ever growing collection, especially since the smell is light and i tend to always spray it on before i go to work because it re-illiterates the clean, fresh seance im always looking for.

Its Seductively Addicting.

The Bottle itself caught my eye. Small petite with classic VS Christmas stripes like im use too, so i of course had to venture over and check it out. A lovely pink bottle that was just saying pick me, and in the end i did.

-Small Glass bottle with almost a jewel like cap and red & black ribbon bow -Glass = not travel safe -Comes in a cute glittered box with ribbon on top -Strong notes in the perfume, Blends perfectly for a day to night transition. -Great day or night perfume, very appealing smell -Limited Edition Christmas 2011

I am not good at describing smells but i did love this one, i was a fan of the Original Bombshell as well but this one is ALOT better. This is a limited edition, so if you have the opportunity pick it up, or drop by to catch a whiff.

A Box of Sheer Smokey Magic!

I am a glam kinda girl, so one glance at this and it had to be mine! Its no secret that i am a Benefit Blush-aholic so i saw this had one i didn't have as well. Its a very cute box set with bright eye popping neon Pink, Green & Silver, and retails for $36.00. I picked mine up at my local Ulta and have been playing with this set since. its a great set for travel, or to add to a ever growing makeup collection! This is a soft smokey eye set with a nude gloss.

-CUTE DESIGN, Compact, Easy to store & great package deal for all items. - Variety of items to try included a new featured item (Girl meets pearl) - Sheer build-able eye shadows -Moisturizing lipgloss & very pretty peachy nude -Pearl creme highlight for on the go that guilds on with ease -Gorgeous blush color what would complement all skin tones -Comes with a mirror build in BUT breaks very easily (replaced mine already)

In the end, it was a fabulous investment! I am very happy with this purchase, and if your new to Benefit products i HIGHLY recommend starting out with a box set like this one or similar. All the box sets come with a nifty How to picture step by step guide on how to use each item contained within. For the price you are saving a ton and you also get a cute decorated box!

Because nail polish should dry fast!

Because nail polish should dry fast! I have a love affair with Revlon Top Speed, Not only because its been a trusted brand of mine for years but because of its performance! Like i have said before my nails carry just as much oil in them as my face does, cause i peel off nail polish within the first 30 hours of wear. I purchase almost all my Revlon Top Speed polishes at my local target or Walgreens for around 5.99 sometimes with coupons!

-FAST drying nailpolish -Easily buildable & glides on like butter. -Highly pigmented and no harsh smells -Long Lasting with or without top coat -Great variety & new colors out each season.

Drugstore brands such as Revlon have really stepped up there game in the last few years, including nail polish durability! If your on the go and need to touch up Revlon Top Speed is your way to go! Stop wasting precious time!

Its an Art Affair.

I started my obsession with nail art & designs after purchasing this Art Deco Nail Lacquer at a Forever 21 over 2 years ago, They were clearanced out for $.90 and i picked up black, white & a glittery teal. For the price why not right! You open the bottle and find a long thin brush with a pointed tip perfect for precision placement!

-Affordable when you can find them offline -Highly pigmented & lasts with a top coat -Long precision brush for easy designs & french tips. -Glides on smooth, but cant take awhile to dry.

If you cant find these in a local store, walgreens has started to sell the sinful colors ones that are identical to these! Both are a great buy! So what are you waiting for? Its time to make your hands & toes a work of ART!

Why buy OPI seriously!?

Your nail polish always peeling after 24 hrs of wear? Me too. My nails must contain the same amount of oil as my face does, i swear. This Nail polish i happened by change pick up because it was the only Light gray in the whole store, and i have been back to purchase now 4 different bottles. why you ask?

-Affordable at around $2.04 each -Drys fast! -Glides on without clumps and easily build-able (2 coats only needed) - I never need a top coat although i do use one with them from time to time -Great Color Selection & found in all Drugstores

For a Drugstore Nail Polish Sally Hansen is the way to go, i would rather spend $2.00 on this than $1.00 on sinful colors nail polish that just peels right off my nails. I am wearing "Gun Metal" actually right now as im typing this review. Its worth the purchase to try i guarantee it!

Great Alternative to MAC Liquid liner!

I went into my local MAC Cosmetics store to replace my brown waterproof liquid liner just to find it was discontinued and replaced. I went on a scavenger hunt for a great brown waterproof liner especially since i needed it for a wedding i was hired for. I purchased my L'oreal Telescope waterproof liquid liner at my local target for around $7 dollars. This comes with a great felt tip brush perfect for winged liner looks, or an everyday soft line.

I used this liner in 2 weddings with around 16 girls total, none of them had problems with running liner from an emotional day ;) It glides on very smooth, drys fast and performs like the company promises!! It doesn't dry shiny so the attention isnt all on your liner, the only set back is it is VERY watery. Due to how thin the formula is it can run into your lashes when you are applying it to yourself; this causes your lashes to clump together and when you get to the mascara you find your lashes wont cooperate like they normally should. Using a light hand or an angle brush will help you bypass this issue!

I highly recommend this to anyone in the makeup business, waterproof liner will save your butt!!

Think of these like Magic color changing polishes!

I had the pleasure of purchasing a BUNCH of these during a clearance sale at a cosmetology school! I know CND for there shellac, so i had to purchase them! These are awesome! If you have a weird line, smear or chip add this on top and not only will it smooth out your "problem" area where the nail polish did do what we wanted it to (always happens) it will change the color of your polish depending on what effects you choose.

Example: I painted my nails a bright vivid red and added a Raspberry sparkle effects which basically had magenta & blue glitter in it and my nail polish was no longer red but a gorgeous bright magenta pink. Magic.. yes! i use a Blue Sparkle effect to make any nail polish look cool & winter like! They dry fairly quickly and although it is another layer to add, it lasts for a few days. I personally have oil nail beds so my nail polishes usually only last 2 days unless its shellac then its (1-2 weeks) I recommend trying these out atleast once to experience the excitement!

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