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Art Deco Nail Lacquer


Jenni L.

I'm in love with this little baby. I am a huge Viseart fan and I prefer these shimmers to the ones in the large palettes. So pretty. Great mix of matte and shimmers and the shades are expertly curated to work well together. These shimmers are the same formula as the Theory palettes (which I have 2 of). I could just use this and my Viseart Neutral Mattes and never need any other eyeshadows.

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Shorifa  B.

This is a really common type of nail desighner liner in London theres a shop there sam 99p and art deco's and its only 99p they are really good exact one here GOOD QUALITY AND GOOD PRICE

Ashley C.
Its an Art Affair.

I started my obsession with nail art & designs after purchasing this Art Deco Nail Lacquer at a Forever 21 over 2 years ago, They were clearanced out for $.90 and i picked up black, white & a glittery teal. For the price why not right! You open the bottle and find a long thin brush with a pointed tip perfect for precision placement!

-Affordable when you can find them offline -Highly pigmented & lasts with a top coat -Long precision brush for easy designs & french tips. -Glides on smooth, but cant take awhile to dry.

If you cant find these in a local store, walgreens has started to sell the sinful colors ones that are identical to these! Both are a great buy! So what are you waiting for? Its time to make your hands & toes a work of ART!

Poppy T.
Very Precise!

I Love these Art Deco Polishes! I have like almost all of the originals! They are super precise, never lets you down! Only a buck at my dollar store. Great price huh? I'm just so in love with these. I know I can create whatever nail design I want with these!

Samantha G.

I have so many of these, I love doing my nails! I usually do the zebra print and use my black one of these to do it or use crazy colors. I used to purchase these at forever 21 until I found out I could get them cheaper at the dollar store hehe :) if your handy and know how to work the brushes these will do wonders :)

LaToya C.

I really like these. I think they're fun to have and have a lot of colors. I actually bought 2 of them for like 4 bucks and I went to the dollar tree and I got them for only 1 buck. Personally I like them and would love to have all the colors.