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An Amazing Addition!

ELF is a brand i have come to love and so has my wallet! I purchased this brush belt during a weekend sale and for the price i couldnt pass it up! plus i got 20% which made my purchase even more exciting!

The Quality of this brush belt is amazing, because of the material it is made of it is VERY easy to clean especially when i put used brushes back into a slot after using them on a client. Unlike other brush belts i have that look like Black glittered rainbow belts! Some of the pockets are a bit long so having any sort of travel brushes in this bag they may get lost which has happened to me a few times. My sigma brushes fit perfectly since they are longer than the MAC brushes i own.

From beginners to experienced this is a great purchase! for the price especially with how the econemy is it cant be beat for the quality of a brush belt!

Better Than Bare Essentials!

This powder is truley an answer to my prayers! I have used bare minerals in Light for over 4 years and have watched the price double in the mean time! When Ulta was built in my local mall it was one of my first purchases there!

This pressed powder does what bare minerals couldnt! it doesnt fall off my kabuki brush in loads nor does it stain any of my collars of my white t-shirts or jackets. I use this alone and can achive a flawless face or brushed lightly over some liquid foundation for extra coverage when i need it the most!

Having a mineral foundation pressed and in a compact makes it 100% easier to travel with or have in my everyday makeup bag, one side even has a mirror for touch ups. I have oily skin and havent experienced a breakout or felt that my skin couldnt "breathe" its very light weight. I always have a perfect matte finished face no shiny oily caked skin here!

Although i hate paying $25 dollars for this foundation, i cannot live without it! Im saving money as well by not paying the almost $30 dollars Bare Essentials is asking for!

The ONLY Brow Pencil i use!

I started grooming my eyebrows at the age of 13 because besides eyebrown pencil i was only allowed pink lipgloss! This was the first brow pencil i have ever used and WILL ever use! i wear the color blonde and i even lightened my eyebrows a bit a few month ago and the color still matches!

This is super easy to apply, glides on flawless & easly blendable! compared to MAC lingering brown pencil it is not as creme but thats what i love about it! MAC brow pencil never lasted throughout the day and this doesnt budge! plus you get 2 pencils and they are easly able to fit in any makeup bag for travel. the best part about this product is that is under $5 for 2 pencils! its a steal!!!

GORGEOUS Neutral Palette for everyday with a staple of Shimmer!

I purchased this palette when sephora had there $10 dollar off deal in october, so i was so excited to try something other than her lipstick which are amazing! Out of all her palettes i picked this one i am a neutral kinda girl and the white palette with the teal design is to die for!

The eyeshadows are very easy to blend, highly pigmented and full of shimmer & glitter! I wanted this palette for the Teal color because it has a gold undertone and its gorgeous on my lids with the creme yellow and my fair complexion! plus gold shadows are my favorite shadows to purchase & wear and this palette has a golden sheen to all the shadows! sometimes i have noticed that certian colors come off a bit chalky so i sprayed Fix + and foil them if needed and they look amazing so no messy fallout needed! In all all these shadows work very well with other brands such as MAC, Sephora Brand & Wet n' Wild!

I havent used the creme shadow as a shadow im afraid, i have used it as a eyeliner i axtually thought thats what it was LOL! i set it will a MAC eyeshadow and it is gorgous! i have never had a problem i normally let it dry and add another layer if needed then quickly set with powder to darken the color a bit!

If you have the oportunity to try any of her palettes i would! Especially this one it screams neutral & springtime to me!

Fabulous Product even dupes!!

These Glitter liners are fabulous, you can add a pop of glittery fun to just about any look with the variaty of colors urban decay offers. i use a glitter liner almost every day with a simple pin up cat eye it has become my signature and i love Baked & distortion the glide on easly without glitter fallout and last all day just like a liquid liner would! Con: The price! I can buy almost 3 NYX Candy liners which are the same quality as the UD Heavy Metal Glitter liners and have more to choose from which is why i limit myself to only the two i named becuase i would rather save a dollar or two!

If you have the change to get any of these i would, who doesnt love glitter! i know i do <3

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