NYX Cosmetics

Glitter Powder


Eline F.

I own disco ball, gold and purple. I use these glitter powder often when I go out and when I want to stand out from the crowd, and it is perfect for that! The jars are really tiny but they last a long time! I attached a photo of a look I made, using 'purple' on the lid. As you can see it is a light purple color. These glitter powders are a great way to spice up your look, recommended!

Elizabeth G.

I have this glitter in the shade pink, and it really was a disappointment! I was hoping for PINK sparkle, not green sparkle with grits of pink, but anyway. The glitter is really translucent, I can use it on top of any bright, warm shade and it just makes it look glittery. (Pink Glitter used on top of Sugarpill's Flamepoint in the photo!). I mean, the glitter itself isn't really that bad, it is sparkly but it's a green sparkle like I said before, and gritty almost sand like pieces of pink mixed throughout it. I will use this glitter on my nails, and to transform another eyeshadow color into a glittery masterpiece, but as for a pure sparkly glittery pink as it's described, it is definitely not, I wish I woud have picked up a different shade!

Ashley C.
Set your day off with some Glitter.

It shouldn't be a surprise that these glitters by NYX are nothing short of amazing. They pack a punch and set a high standard for cosmetic glitter in the makeup community. I have been using these for a few years now, and i will always go back for more. They are so universal! I purchased mine first online and recently at my local Ulta for between $1-3 dollars. Heres why:

-Small compact tube, with screw top lid to keep product tightly in place. -Small tube = harder to get product out (like NYX Pigments) -High shine glitter, Sticks well with a Glitter primer or adhesive (this is a must!) -Affordable and located in local Ulta & online (for me atleast) -Very small but plenty of product for endless fun. -Great cosmetic Glitter for Eyes, Lips & Nails or Body painting. - Lots of fall out, but hey what pigment or Glitter doesn't.

Pair these Glitters with the NYX Candy Glitter Liners and you will be set for any occasion! I personally love adding a hint of glitter to most of my looks. they add the extra pop im always looking for. I highly recommend you pick these up if your a Glitter Gal too :)

Courtney M.

These are great glitters, the bottle looks small but their is an insane amount of glitter packed in. Also its a bottle, which seems to be a problem for the users below. The opening is small. I stack my glitters anyway so it wasn't a problem for me. I just put them in some 5 stack beading jars from Michaels, this way too, there is only a little glitter in the stack at a time in case I have a glitter catastrophe, it won't all be dust in the wind.

Simera H.

I love glitter. I have a couple of these and even though I do love them it has an insane amount of fallout. Also the opening is so small it is a challenge to get any product out. I use the Hard Candy glitter glue to apply these glitters. My favorite color is Hot Gold

Angela W.
Fun for special occasions (or when you want to feel fancy)

I bought one in each color during a NYX sale because I figured they were just a fun thing to have and might come in handy for Halloween or a special party. If you want people to notice you have glitter on then the glitter is a good size- not too big, not too small. The colors are pretty but not anything too special. I really like Crystal. Definitely a fun thing to own (but maybe best bought on sale!)...

Lola M.
Its cheep and it works

These are great, but they do have their down sides. The top is small and its kind difficult to get the product out. Also, it has some pigment mixed in, but its weird, becuase its not very pigmented pigment... The glitter is big. This is pretty easy to come by, its cheep and does the job so I like it. I will say there are definetly better things out there, but give this a try.

Angela V.
Could Be Better

I wish there was more of a how to before I ordered these.. alone without an adhesive to have them set on your eyes they arent very fun.. the fall out is horrible.. Once I got an adhesive that would work I used Lit Cosmetics base it worked not bad... It could be better though

Paige D.
very pretty

i just really like theses glitters and it also looks great over an eyeshadow base .. aha sorry its not a good review i just really like this product :P