Tinted Lipglass

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Nicole A.
The best color lipgloss hands down

I own so much mac but lipglass and gloss in general I usually if rarely ever wear. I've seen this color quite a bit especially on pinterest but everytime I go to my local mac it was never in stock. I wanted to try it primarily to go over some of my paler nude colors like areowhead, all I want and velvet teddy to kinda change the look up a bit. Well let me tell you this is the 1st gloss I've worn alone in a while, I love the color so much I find myself using it more and more in place of lipstick. This color can be mixed with soar liner, whirl and even fruit cocktail all mac liners for various different looks. The gold will pull more with some and the pink with others, this is a shade that anyone can pull off its flattering for all and really is unique. The best lipglass color out there. ...go get you some (:

Hannah C.
The Product That Got Me Hooked

Underage Lipglass is the first product I ever purchased from MAC. I remember the saleswoman telling me it was Paris Hilton's favorite color. Once I heard that I was sold. Remember, I was probably only 14 at the time so cut me some slack. :)

Seriously though. I forget how much I love these until I pick one up to use it and I'm reminded just how awesome they are. Some people complain about them being sticky, but I personally like it. It makes the wear-ability much longer.

If there's one thing you can't go wrong in purchasing, it's a lipglass.

Kathleen  H.
I guess...

So....there was so much hype on this MAC lipglass, that I decided to go out and purchase one. Not impressed. It's average at best. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Here's why: PROS not sticky good color payoff tidy packaging CONS minimum staying power awful odor does not live up to the term "lipglass" as in shiny gloss, it's glossy but not enough for a name like that weird taste OVERALL I will not repurchase.

Ali C.

I love this product! My aunt gave it to me as a gift when she first heard me talking about how I wanted to start a beauty channel for YouTube. The thing that really caught me with this lipglass was the Cupcake like smell, which I found out is the smell of pretty much all MAC lipglasses. The color is gorgeous too. It is an amazing buy!

Felicia S.
Use this with Airy Fairy!!

I was a little scared to pay $15 for a tinted lipglass because a lot of people complain that these are sticky. The first lipglass I bought was Nymphette and I was SO happy with it!! It wasn't nearly as sticky as everyone says or whatever I was anticipating. Sure, it's a thick formula that will grab your wind-blown hair but that's what gives the lipglass staying power. I love this product because a lipgloss with real staying power is hard to find. The product is a little more sheer than I normally like but that's fine because it's called "tinted" so I know they are not marketed to be extremely pigmented. Also, I like to wear this over a lipstick anyways. When I wear Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Airy Fairy and then top it with MAC Nymphette, I get the most beautiful glossy pink finish. Both of these lip products are a warm pink with gold shimmer so they are the perfect duo. Aahhhhhhh I'm so in love! :3

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Vanessa W.

I love these! I way prefer lip glosses over a matte dry-feeling lipstick, and this offers the colour pigment of a lipstick and that's rare to find! The stickiness is forgivable, I like that it has some stick, not slippery and watery. I found Revlon Super Lustrous's glosses to be very similar though, so for the price difference I'll probably go to Revlon instead. Still great product though!

Ashton W.
wonderful pigmentation

These lip glosses have AMAZING pigmentation. They are bold and pretty true to what you see in the container. I'm more of a lip stick girl but for glosses these are great. Beware though because they are super thick and kind of sticky...Ladies don't drive with the windows down with this stuff on because the product will end up in your hair! Because it is thick it does last longer than other formulas but be prepared for your lips to be sticky. I recommend this more for a running errands type of day when you want color and/or a punch of color but don't want to do a full lip or use lip stick. Definitely not suitable for kissing! And really test the colors out before buying, that's why there are samples out! I say this because some have more color to them than they look like they do ( I've tried a few that looked stunning in the tube but when I put it on it was just way to much or way to bright for my liking), whereas others are a few shades lighter than what you see. For example, when I chose pink poodle it was probably the 5th or 6th shade a tried on and in the tube it looks outrageous so that's why I was hesitant, but on my lips it was gorgeous. Also, when I took it up to the counter the MAC artist who rang me up said "wow that color is amazing on you i love it which one is it" and i told her and she said "it looks awesome on you but I've tried it and It doesn't look like that on me!" so just know that obviously every color is not for every one.

Julia R.

This was the first MAC lipglass I purchased. It has a nice coral color with fine golden shimmer. It goes on evenly, doesn't settle into lip lines or bunch up. It's very pretty, but unfortunately, the wear is horrendous (2 hours). It has that lovely vanilla MAC smell, and I'm quite fond of the sticky/tacky texture of these glosses. Lychee Luxe is a pretty color, but I don't think it's worth reapplying so constantly. The wear could definitely be improved.

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Arlene jessica J.
Go to colour

The MAC artist who did a make over on me used a MAC lip-liner to outline and shade in my lips, then added a touch of this "Lovechild" lipglass. Gorgeous!! I bought it, and its my favourite go-to colour for day, or night. The only downside is that it doesn't last as long as I would like it to, and it is a bit too sticky for me. However on the plus side its super smooth and nourishing and you only need to apply a very little. It works well both over a lipstick or on its own.

Lauren D.
ok but not worth the pricetag :(

I have a few different shades of lipglass and can safely say i got the same result from all. It is a decent lipgloss in regards to pigmentation and lasting power but i found the consistency horrible sticky and cheap feeling. i do however love the variety of colours and how pigmented they are so if the formulation was less sticky and thick they would be great. overall i wouldnt buy them again for that high price