Top Speed Nail Enamel


Kirin S.
Loved it! Going back for more!

I bought the colour 'Vintage' from this range and am very impressed! It goes on smoothly and I only really needed to apply two coats to get the full colour. I found that the polish didn't chip easily and didn't peel, and it truly does dry in just one minute! I would highly recommend it. I think the REVLON colourstay range would have to be my favourite range of nail polishes. When I wore makeup a few years back (I don't anymore), I found REVLON to be a very high-quality brand that is better than many more expensive brands, so I wasn't surprised that this was so good. This range has very nice colours and I will definitely e purchasing more.

Elisa L.
It's okay

I have bought the top speed cherry colour nail enamel by revlon though it does not dry as fast as it says. It is a fabulous colour on my nail and is strong, bold, and stands out effectively.

Samantha S.
Absolutely the best

I wish more shades were available, but the ones on the market are simply fabulous. I use Candy, Pink Lingerie, Spirit, Sterling, Lily, Crystal Glow and Jaded. The white of this line (Spirit) is absolutely perfect for nail art, full cover in one sweep, no streaks, bright snow white and does not look like white out. All in all, absolutely gorgeous turn out.

Chelsea L.
It's good!

I have this product in light blue and yellow. Honestly, this product is like any other nail polish...the only diffrence is it drys quickly. But it is definetly a decent nail polish.

Amanda L.
Low quality.

This nail enamel is terrible. I bought mine in black, and when I used it, the polish was very thick and gooey, which made it a chore to paint my nails. It takes a really long time to dry too- clearly does not set in 60 seconds. Also, the nail polish chips within a day after painting them, and if you put a second coat on it looks absolutely revolting. I will never repurchase this, and I was truly disappointed in the low quality nail enamel I had wasted my money on.

Eliza H.
I really cant decide..

I absolutely loves the pastel colours i purchased they are exactly what i was looking for. I do two coats as well as a top coat and my nails look beautiful. It does chip after 1-2 days which is kind of annoying. Although i love these colours im sure i could find something close to them in another brand that may have better staying power..

Robyn S.
Love the Color
Photo of product included with review by Robyn S.

I have on the shade Royal. I love this color, but I do feel that it took longer to dry. Especially with adding more coats. I have on a base coat, 2 coats of Royal and a top coat as well. Seems to be holding up quite well.

Jessica W.
Great color, terrible resistance - Royal 730
Photo of product included with review by Jessica W.

The color choices are awesome and they have great one coat coverage..... but they are no bueno in terms of longevity. I painted my nails 2 nights ago and they have chipped a lot. I didn't use a topcoat which prob would have made a difference but its a better test of the quality for me without it. I have used 99 cent store nail polish that has lasted longer and thats sad considering how much nail polish costs these days. Granted these aren't as pricey as OPI but I expect better from Revlon. The only major pro to all of this is the dry time! So if you are ok with touching up every few days, its fine. I didn't have that option bc drugstores around here are constantly sold out, I used my friends otherwise I prob woulda touched it up. Hope this helps!

Ashley C.
Because nail polish should dry fast!

Because nail polish should dry fast! I have a love affair with Revlon Top Speed, Not only because its been a trusted brand of mine for years but because of its performance! Like i have said before my nails carry just as much oil in them as my face does, cause i peel off nail polish within the first 30 hours of wear. I purchase almost all my Revlon Top Speed polishes at my local target or Walgreens for around 5.99 sometimes with coupons!

-FAST drying nailpolish -Easily buildable & glides on like butter. -Highly pigmented and no harsh smells -Long Lasting with or without top coat -Great variety & new colors out each season.

Drugstore brands such as Revlon have really stepped up there game in the last few years, including nail polish durability! If your on the go and need to touch up Revlon Top Speed is your way to go! Stop wasting precious time!

Elaina Y.
Great colour range

This line of Revlon nail polishs have a range of colours that are more fun. This formula is quite thick and it does dry out in the bottle faster. I have a good collection of this as well, but I think that sometimes the colours are too opaque and harder to work with. With flat shades and the thickness of this formula I find that two coats will make it more smooth. In th description it says that these are quick dry, but I find that these dry at the same time that normal polish dry. These are long lasting if you use a base and top coat to seal it. I have recommend this line to a lot of friends and they have all liked the range colour.

Favourite shades: Pink Lingerie, Vintage and Hazy