Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Bombshell


Silvia D.
my favorite!

I received this perfume as a gift and it has become my favorite scent! It's light enough that it doesn't wear off easily, yet not too heavy where it's over powering. Definitely gets compliments!

Chantel C.
Highly recommend!

I absolutely love the scent! This was one of my first perfumes and I remember restocking on it whenever I ran low. It has a feminine, floral scent that's perfect for any occasion - work, school, night out, whatever! I even got a few compliments on it.

Another great thing about this perfume is that the scent lasts a long time! So you don't have to worry too much about re-applying it during the day - although you'll probably want to purchase the mini-size bottle and apply it on-the-go because of the amazing scent! :p

Dana A.
My favorite!

I've been wearing this perfume since it first came out. Within the first couple of months of wearing it to work, most of my female co-workers started using it too! For some reason, I think the lotion has a better scent and it definitely lasts longer!

Erica S.
my favorite perfume ♥

I had purchased this yesterday and i am so addicated to it i have a small one to go with me where ever i go and a big one! This perfume is awesome as all the others but this has to be one of my favorites (of many) ♥ this is beyond great!

Rachel C.

i bought this perfume in a little bottle when i first went to victorias secrit and i smelled it and i talked to the girl who worked there and she said it was selling like crazy so i thought it would be good :) so i brought it home and i let my friend borrow it and i never got it back :/ so i guess it was really good :) so when i went there just recently i stocked up on that delisious stuff :) it has that one smell that everyone around you just goes " hmm someone smells good ;)" lolz and it has a very cute bottle and i think it smells not to sweet but a mix of sweet and sexy :) <3

Sierra Marie T.

First time I smelled it i immediately fell in love with it. It smells sooo good and its not as strong like other perfumes. I've been using this perfume everyday for a year and a half and I'm still addicted to the smell! Amazing product!

Doreen L.

Fresh and a little musky, not overpowering! I usually pair this with the body mist in the same scene to keep it smelling fresh on me.

Plus, the packaging is gorgeous! Simple, but it really spells out Victoria's Secret to you!

Sonya M.
Love it!

I like that it doesn't smell too sweet (like most of the other VS perfumes!). Very nice notes and it won't suffocate you when you put it on! All in all a great perfume with the right balance of sweet and not sweet!

Annie O.

This is one of if not my favorite scent from victoria secret I collect all of the bombshell scents because they are my favorite smells. This is one of those scents that makes you feel sexy when you wear it. Its feminine and sexy, its a that smell that allows you to smell girly but not feel like you're 13. I call it my "big girl" perfume. its also very versatile whether a night on the town, a night in with your significant other or just going shopping. Every girl should own this perfume, and gentleman buy this for your ladies

Megan U.

I love this scent!!! It has become one of my new go-to perfumes for everyday wear. It smells sexy, yet casual. It's not too fruity, floral, or spicy, but a lovely blend. Although many people classify this as a summer scent, I think that it can be used throughout the year.