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This was such a splurge item for me. It's kind of pricey at almost $15, but it made my hair so smooth and soft! I have to say that I really like it.

I've always used drugstore shampoos like Pantene, Garnier, and Loreal. I kind of wanted to invest in my hair a little more, however those products worked for me. I think I'll continue with my drugstore shampoos, but if your hair is color treated or damaged definitely splurge.

Unbearable Smell

I love Philosophy products. It's among my favorite brands. This does not mean that I am completely biased.

This product is amazing. It's completely lightweight, great for sensitive skin, and I felt refreshed after using it. I have switched my moisturizers though. It's not because it wasn't good, but it was an embarrassing incident.

Hope in a Jar has a very strong smell, like a really ghastly smell. My boyfriend went to kiss my cheek and asked what was that smell. I, of course, couldn't smell anything. It took us a few days to realize that it was my face, and he couldn't take them smell. I was beyond embarrassed. I haven't used it since. Just be aware.

Compared to the Clarisonic....

From personal experience, I have to say that this product does not have the same lasting results as the Clarisonic. While the Olay does clean your face amazingly, over time it does not have any added benefits and may actually harm you.

The Clarisonic oscillates 300 times per second which is much faster than this. Also the Clarisonic does not spin all the way around. Because this brush fully spins at 360 degrees it can actually tear and pull on the skin causing pre-mature wrinkles.

It also isn't waterproof and requires batteries, which I think can be dangerous around water.

I'd much prefer to spend $150 for the Mia and know it was money well spent.

Instant results

This product is $32. A little pricey, but totally worth it.

I normally use a sugar scrub from B&BW, but I decided to try this product out. I have to say the results are instant. I used it on my hands at the counter. As soon as I washed my hands, my hands were so much softer.

That's when I decided I had to get this product. I haven't been disappointed. It takes care of the dryness my skin naturally has, and exfoliates.

I hate the packaging because water gets in. I feel like I'm wasting money because it ruins the product, but I am addicted.


I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I received it as a gift, and absolutely loved it. It's so hot and humid where I live that it became my best friend. When my face felt dry, just a quick spray would do wonders to my skin.

I love the hydrating feeling, and how it stops products from caking.

However, would I re-purchase this product? Probably not. It's $6 for a tiny bottle that barely lasts me two weeks. I could just fill a little spray bottle with my own water. I just feel like it can be a waste of $6.

I'd probably use it for travel, but I'm not re-purchasing this item every two weeks.

New Fav

I just recently bought this lipstick, but I have to say it has quickly become one of my favorites.

During the hot weather, I despise wearing too much makeup because everything seems to melt off. That's why I only wear a liner and bright lipstick. Girl About Town is the perfect lipstick.

It's really bright and such a nice deep pink. I love the MAC lipsticks because they are creamy and moisturizing, but I think the price point is very reasonable. It's only $14.50 for a lipstick. I feel like some drugstore lipsticks can be costly, and I'd rather get more bang for my buck with a MAC lipstick.

Their lipsticks also has shea butter in them, so they are good for the lips.


Urban Decay shadows are one of the best. They are vivid, pigmented, and long lasting, I feel like they give good quality products and this is why their customers are so loyal. I have been an Urban Decay junkie since I started with makeup.

Because of this, I am not sure this product was worth the money. As an English major, _Alice in Wonderland_ is one of my all time favorite books. I originally wanted this palette because of the book, but the palette was released before the actual movie by Tim Burton premiered. There was a lot of hype about it.

I am completely in love with the packaging, but I feel like it was entirely too bulky. It's huge and hard to carry anywhere. It's also cardboard, so it can break easily and be destroyed easily if water gets on it.

The colors are also repeats. I had plenty of the colors already, and I realized after that I re-bought the exact same products. They changed the names, so it didn't click at first.

I still see this product on Ebay for an insane price, and all I can say is that you should save your money. It's a great collectable, but not worth it now.

Benefit's High Beam is an interesting product. I love it on other people, and at times it looks too pale for me. I kind of like that plasticy look it leaves on me. It sounds weird, but it makes me cheeks look fuller.

It is super pale though. I've also like this as an eyeshadow. I just put a little on my lids for a bit of glow, but it does crease so be careful. This usually happens if I'm being lazy. I do like the shimmer effect it gives though.


I have a huge love/hate relationship with Lush. There are times where I really love it, and then times where I feel like it's a waste of money.

These soaps come in big slabs, almost like chocolate. Assosiates cut pieces for you, and the price is based on the weight. Not sure how sanitary this is, but it is soap.

Here's my biggest issue with Lush soaps in general. They don't lather. The scent stays, but I despise the fact that they don't froth with bubbles. I feel like I'm not actually getting clean, which kind of defeats the purpose of soap.

It's saving grace is honestly the smell. The smell and staying power of Lush soaps is phenomenal, this one in particular. This honey concoction is almost good enough to eat. It also lasts for hours. I can shower in the morning and smell the scent all day.

It leaves my skin feeling super moisturized and hydrated too!

I will say buy a tin for these soaps. They get smaller in the shower, so you want to get your money's worth.

New Holy Grail

My lashes are kind of long already, and I tend to avoid mascara because of that. I feel like it's not something I absolutely need. Using this product, I can say that I have been using mascara every single day since I got it.

I'm not sure if the it's the formula or the brush. Maybe it's a combination of both. The bristles are staggered and kind of looks like a spiney thorn. It has lots of spikes that grab onto your lashes like a magnet. I've noticed that it lifts the lashes from the root and pulls them up for a slight curl.

It gives me a doll-like eye. My lashes do look almost fake at times. It's super voluminous, without looking clumpy. It's probably because of the brush that really seperates the lashes too.

It doesn't smudge or fade either. It stays on throughout the day and it doesn't lose volume. Some mascaras I find lose volume as the day progresses (much like hair products). This one stays puts.

This is one of Benefit's best products, and I am super impressed.

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