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Farah G.

OMG! It is the prettiest pink ever!!! It is in the "luster" family. Therefore, it'll look glossy but I feel like that makes it not break up as easily; as in you don't get the dried up lines in the corners of your lips. I say invest cuz it's definitely going to give you that perfect pop of color and it'll turn heads.

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Wafi A.
New Fav
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I just recently bought this lipstick, but I have to say it has quickly become one of my favorites.

During the hot weather, I despise wearing too much makeup because everything seems to melt off. That's why I only wear a liner and bright lipstick. Girl About Town is the perfect lipstick.

It's really bright and such a nice deep pink. I love the MAC lipsticks because they are creamy and moisturizing, but I think the price point is very reasonable. It's only $14.50 for a lipstick. I feel like some drugstore lipsticks can be costly, and I'd rather get more bang for my buck with a MAC lipstick.

Their lipsticks also has shea butter in them, so they are good for the lips.

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Huda K.
A Shade Every Girl Must Own
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This lipstick is a beautiful fuchsia color. It's one that seems to scare a lot of people because of how bright it looks, but it's not as scary as you might think. All my life, I've always worn pinkish nudes & peachy nudes for lipsticks, and this was the first "bright" color I've ever worn. Don't let the color fool you, ladies. Don't automatically think, "Pretty color, but I'd never be able to rock that," unless you've actually tried it! I never thought this would look good on my fair skin tone, but I tried it, and loved it. It complimented me very well, and I am very pleased. This is something that is definitely appropriate enough for day time wear, and you can also rock this out at night. The application goes on smoothly, and the consistency is very creamy. It offers a slight gloss on the lips without the shimmer. It also lasts a good few hours before you have to reapply, but I never mind having to reapply lipstick. It's not that big of a deal for me.

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Nila J.
Love MAC lipsticks!
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I bought my first MAC lipstick this summer when I went hunting for a fun, bright summer shade. Girl About Town became my signature shade for summer (though I also dabbled a bit in Vegas Volt!) and now I'm ready to go and splurge on a few more fall/winter shades! Highly recommend!

Take a look at how Girl About Town looks on me, at right!

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Jessica H.
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I love this color it is amazing for girls who are tanned!! The color pops especially with a smokey eye. Lips look bigger and fuller. Don't even have to reapply all night. Perfect for girls night out

Cyndal W.
Looooove 😍😍

My absolute favvvv one ... I wore it so much I'm on my second one !!! Must buy and it looks good on everyone. Well worth the money !!

Sherry A.

I love this shade of lipstick. I've already bought at least three tubes of it. Honestly, it's my go-to for that quick pop of color, as I am quite pale otherwise. It's great just to add a flash of something if you don't like to wear eyeshadow or much makeup at all. Love this shade! Lasts all day too. I do hair and us girls need more than one coffee and even after that...still appears as vibrant as when I first put it on. True to their word, it is long-lasting.

Sara T.

I love this lipstick! This color is amazing it's the perfect pink! And it last forever in my lips! I don't have to worry about carryng it. The texture is also great!

Nadia N.
One of the best lipstick ranges

This is one of the most consistent products MAC has. I will always re purchase MAC lipsticks. They are affordable and have great color range and bang for my buck. They are not drying like other lipsticks are. They are very long lasting compared to many others and very opaque.

Charlene E.
I have an obsession....
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Girl About Town, and Up The Amp Both Amplified colors are by far my two favorite lipsticks from M.A.C ,it's funny because I never in a million years thought I could wear such Bold colors but every time I wear these two I get compliments and inquiries about what I'm wearing. I was always just a pink sheer gloss Chick but now I am a true M.A.C lipstick ADDICT!! <3