Honey I Washed the Kids Soap


Miriam H.

I love the scent of this and how it lasts long! It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. This soap melts fast though. This is my second favorite soap from Lush. My most favorite is the Karma soap.

Pari G.
Best treat for a honey junkie

I love honey and anything that has honey in it. I loved this bar because it was nourishing and sweet. It lasted a month and I used it everyday. I Love Lush.

xo Ella Mae A.
Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

I bought this product from lush a couple of weeks back and I have had it long enough to review it so I thought why not review this item on beautylish so I have decided to review it. So this soap is really nice I wouldn't say it was a really so much cleansing soap but it's more moisturising my favourite way to apply it is by rubbing the product onto a sponge and then applying it all over my body and then applying my regular shower gel over the top, the scent is very nice and I use the same scent shower gel so I can get that allover body scent <3 this!!

Pris N.

This has to seriously be one of my FAVORITE SCENTS EVER! It smells like sweet honey mixed in with hints if caramel. I addooreee the scent! The soap does a pretty awesome job at cleaning but I do have to admit it IS a little drying. The scent doesn't last a long time post-showering either.

nikki j.
Smells amazing!

i picked up a small bar of this last week to try after hearing all of the hype about it for a while. i smelled it in the store and absolutely loved the scent and i couldn't wait to get it home and try it out. i've found that the scent lasts for quite a while, i have noticed it to be a tiny bit drying, but it's no big deal. Like carlene said, that's what lotion is for! i will definitely be buying more as soon as this bar is gone.

Carlene F.

This is my go-to favorite soap! It's not moisturizing, but thats lotion's job;) Seriously, this honey smelling soap is so divine -- the scent lingers on your skin long after you've used it! I love the fact that it's hand made as well!

Victoria K.

I love this soap. It smells just amazing and the fragrance actually lasts a little longer than the average soap. I would highly recommend all LUSH soaps. I love that you can also purchase it in as large a chunk as you like.

Katherine K.

This is the first Lush soap I have ever bought and I love it. It smells so good and when it runs out (not for a long time though) I am definitely going to repurchase. It smells delicious when you put it on but the smell doesn't linger on my skin after I've had my shower so it doesn't mix with any perfumes that I'm wearing during the day. Love this soap!

Ariane C.

I have been using this soap for years and it never disappoints. I love the rich scent. When used with a loofa it lathers up very richly and makes the bar last much longer. It always leaves me feeling clean and makes my skin super soft. Once I'm out of the shower, the scent doesn't last, which is good because I wouldn't want to smell too strong in public anyway, haha.

Leila V.
Good Enough To Eat!

Officially the most amazing soap I have ever encountered. Its rare I would get so excited over something so small, but those of you who have smelt it, you will be the ones to understand! I am usually heavily allergic to soap in that I have eczma on my hands, but this stuff doesnt aggrevate it in the slightest. I use it for shaving as it lets the razor move smoothly over the skin without nicking. Quick tip ;) xxx