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A favorite

I love this fragrance because it smells so elegant. It has a distinct smell. It's a bit musky, so it has a stronger scent. I like how well it stays on the skin. It does smell a bit differently on everyone, but it does have some stronger notes that really stand out.

Good First Impressions

I just bought this concealer at IMATS. As soon as it was put on, I saw an instant difference. My eyes were instantly brightened. I felt like the darkness under my eyes just disappeared.

I used my fingertips and mixed the two colors together to find the perfect color. It doesn't come out too thick either, which is really important to me. I find that lots of concealers tend to get cakey or thick, but not this one. It's really thin, so it doesn't crease after time.

Really Love

I really like this product. What's weird is that it's supposedly specifically made for people with oily skin; I have dry skin, but I use it. It works really well.

I've been using this as a serum at night, and especially on break out areas. After leaving it on for a night, my skin looks radiant in the morning. It makes my skin super soft and plump. I love the way it makes my skin feel after a night of letting it soak into my skin.

I'm just not sure how to keep it sanitary. I feel like I need to warm it up with my fingers, so I rub it between my hands to kind of help melt it. I feel like that's really unsanitary though. If anyone can tell me a better way to get it onto my skin, I'll be super happy.

Great for events

This is definitely a product that's more pro-based. I feel like if you're working with lots of different skin types and tones, then it becomes really valuable. I'd say keep this product as clean as possible and store it somewhere safe.

The color is multi-use, so you can use it in a variety of different ways. Whether it's on the face, on the lips, or on the eyes, there's always a new way to use this product.

Very Rough

This product is insanely rough on the skin. It has jagged beads, which can actually hard your capillaries. It can actually make rosacea worse because it isn't very gentle.

I really wouldn't recommend this product to people with sensitive skin.


I received this product from a gift card. I was surprised with how much I really liked the product.

It lasts all day and blends easily. My favorite part about this product is that it's a pencil. It's super easy to use. I love the color for my skin as well. I though it would be too pale, but surprisingly it worked really well.

Great for my Skin

I wanted to give this specific color a shout out. I am absolutely obsessed with this color. I wore it a few times mixed with other colors and it never really worked. I tried this the other day on my lids alone. I packed the color on, added some liner, and some mascara, and that was it.

I really loved the texture and how it blended into my skin. I gave my eyes a smokey, sultry look. I only used this one color. I think it's a must have color.


After two years my CHI came apart. The ceramic plates practically fell off. It also singed a piece of my hair off. I probably set it too high, but it was a horrible experience. Since then, I've switched to the T3, which I absolutely adore.

I always keep this brush in my brush belt. I love the fluffy end for applying shadow directly to the lids. It has a bit of movement, meaning that it's not completely stiff. I can sweep or pack colors on. Contouring is really easy with the bigger end.

I like the other end for the crease and lining. I wish it weren't a liner brush, but a blending brush. This would be the only brush I needed for eyes if this was the case. I feel like a lot of times I need a thinner liner brush anyway. I'm not crazy about the skinner end. I feel like it's not the right side. It needs to be thinner or thicker.

I do really like this brush to create smokey eyes, though. I love double ended brushes because they're so convenient.

Very happy for the changes

I'm so glad that the packaging has changed for these products. I hated that it was in a pan. The pan made sure that we HAD to buy the palette, which was also way too expensive. I know it's a lot of color, but it's really expensive if I need only one shadow, but I have to buy a palette as well.

Now that they're in compacts I feel like the products are a bit more versatile. I can finally move the products around easily.

The shadow itself has nice pigmentation. I like that the shadows feel almost like butter. They go on so smoothly it almost works like a cream (without the harsh creasing). I hope they come out with more matte colors though.

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