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Used to love

I used to love these lipglosses when I was in Highschool. They were my favorite because they made my lips look super full, and I loved the smell. I realized over time that this gloss wasn't doing anything for my lips.

It was extremely sticky, but not the good kind of sticky. It made my lips feel heavy. It also wasn't very moisturizing. I felt like my lips were always peeling when I look this off, and it was extremely hard to get this lipgloss off.

I think it's great for kids from the ages of 5-9. This is a great first lipgloss because it's cheap, sparkly, and comes in great scents.

Summer Scent

This may sound weird but lots of fragrances smell like tangerines on me. I'm not sure if it's the acid level in my body or something along those lines, but everything had a citrus smell on me.

This was probably one of the first fragrances that I realized smelled normal on me. It's really sweet and has a bit of a tanginess to it that really lives up to it's green apple shape. It's not sour, and almost smells like candy.

I guess this is the reason it's called Be Delicious because it smells divine.

No colors

This product comes in two colors. You Rebel and You Rebel Lite. Both colors are entirely too light for someone like me. I keep hearing how wonderful of a moisturizer it is, but I don't think it's so great if there isn't a color for me.

I think that girls need to go to the counter and make sure the moisturizer matches them because it does not just blend right into the skin.

Will you RSVP?

I absolutely love these for a fast look. My favorite color is RSVP. I like it as a base under MAC's Naked Lunch! It feel like it really captures the color, and it also doesn't crease. It makes it a great base, but also a great shadow. When I'm runnning low on time I'll just put some on with my fingers. I love that it's pretty creamy, but that I don't have to use primer.

A definite for girls on the go.

Great Price

I think that if you're just starting to build your kit, this is probably your best bet. It's really cheap and you have a nice variety of color. I don't like all of the colors. In fact, some of them make me look ashy because I have a darker skin tone. I like the Coral and Bright Pink color the best. Those have the best color pay-off on my skin.

Good and bad

I recently bought two Inglot liners. I bought a bright yellow and a deep purple. I tried the purple and I totally loved it. It was super pigmented and lasted very nicely. I loved how creamy it was because the application was easy.

The bright yellow I had problems with. It looked really streaky, and it wasn't being distributed evenly. It also got on my lashes and looked weird. I'll have to try it again, but so far I'm liking the darker colors than the brighter colors.

My Go-To Lipstick

I love this lipstick so much. My favorite color is Boy, which I think is also a great name.

Boy is like a light pink color that adds a but of shine and color. The color is sheer, so it's not a full coverage. I like that it gives it just a hint of tint. I'd say exfoliate the lips before putting this on though because it can sometimes get stuck in the cracks.

I do like the hydration it gives though. It does moisturize after continuous use. My lipstick is almost done because I use it so much!

Great for Guys!

I made my poor boyfriend try this. He actually ended up loving it.

Some suggestions and tips for this product is to really wet your nose. If you don't, then it won't stick and have a grip on all that stuff in that you want to come out. I really press it into the sides of my nose because those are the areas are hard to get. I feel like that's where a lot of buildup is because it's so hard to get it in.

Be careful when you take this product off. It can hurt a lot, so try wetting it a bit if it becomes too difficult to remove. You don't want to accidentally take off some skin in the process.

It's great for guys too, like my boif.

For A 5 Minute Use.

I tried this foundation because I saw everyone use it . I was expecting really good things, because I saw how wonderful it looked on the runway and in photos. I didn't realize that though it looks great for a few minutes, it actually isn't the best thing for every day.

The foundation is really thick and cakey. It also doesn't match my skin perfectly. It's a bit too yellow or too red for my skin. It also really broke me out. After some time wearing it, tiny bumps appeared on my skin and made it look really bad.

I really like it in photos and for a few minutes, but other than that it broke me out really bad. I stay away from MAC foundations in general these days.

My Everyday Scent

I wasn't a huge fan of this when I first used it. It smelled like citrus, and it wasn't really that great.

It took me a while to realize that it takes a bit of time for this fragrance to settle. After some time, it has a beautiful light powdery smell. It's almost like baby powder. I wasn't sure how I felt about spending $74 to smell like baby powder, but it's definitely one of my favorite scents. It stays on, and it has a soft floral smell, which I love.

Light and floral. Fun.

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