All Soft Shampoo


Natalie C.
Not Effective

I don't color my hair, so you would think this would work better for me, but it didn't do anything. I was also really concerned about the ingredients in this. I'm not necessarily eco friendly or green when it comes to products, except for clarifying shampoo, but the ingredients in this is alarming. Why am I paying so much for so many chemicals and ingredients I don't even know. The formula doesn't even last long. Within 3 months this was gone. I'm sticking with Oribe where I get hell of a lot more bang for my buck!

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Madison M.
All Soft? All Frizz!

I got a sample of this shampoo and conditioner from my work; however, it did not work well on my hair. This may be cause of the color in my hair, and the fact that I've become spoiled to more organic gentle lines like Alterna and Pureology. The ingredient list on the back of this product is very frightening, definitely makes me shy away from using Redken products again.. I think I may have had high expectations for this product because of the claims on the label.

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Ashlee B.
The best shampoo ever for coarse, relaxed hair!!

This shampoo says all it really needs to in its name alone. I was introduced to it in cosmetology school and haven't given up on it yet lol! The creamy texture isn't drying at all, and surprisingly the super rich lather doesn't strip your hair. I will forever buy this shampoo, as long as they don't change it up on me!

Hanna A.
HG Shampoo

I was hooked on Redken products I very first time I started using it. And although over the years I've tried shampoos from various different brands, I've always come back to this product. It thoroughly cleanses my hair leaving no residue on the scalp and keeps it well hydrated. I use this along with their conditioner as well as the All Soft Heavy Cream (mask) and they work incredibly well for my dry, coarse hair. (I have been chemically treating my hair for more than 10 years now)

I adore this line of products, so this could be a partially biased review, lol. But I do recommend trying it out to see if it fits your hair needs. My hair stylist is a huge advocate for this line of products and over the years I've seen why and have become a believer too. :)

Jen H.
Leaves my hair silky soft

This is the perfect shampoo for my fine, thin, damaged hair. It cleanses my roots without stripping my ends, and the smell is divine. The smell alone made me fall in love. I used to be very loyal to the Redken color saver shampoos and conditioners (in the red bottles) but switched to this when my hair became too damaged from bleaching and I needed something more nourishing. An excellent product.

Ebelin C.

Just as I adore makeup and fragrances, my hair is my number one priority. I've always said that if your hair is healthy, clean, and styled you have about 75% of your look complete. Over the years I have experimented with nameless types of shampoo and conditioners. However, when I came across with this line of hair products I was mesmerized with the amazing results. I must say, I married the line from day one. I have fairly coarse hair, naturally its very wavy, but, ladies you know you agree with me, We always want what we don't have LOL. Some women would kill to have my curls yet I straighten it. Anyhow, this is about the only shampoo I have ever used that first of all won't leave any residue on my scalp, second leaves it tamable enough so it doesn't suffer as much after blow drying and straight ironing, and lastly its ohh so soft that people don't actually believe I have wavy hair LOL Anyway, Ciao bellas! & hope my review was helpful in some sort of way :)

Anthony S.
Great for smoothing and moisture

This product I used a lot of when I was in OZ working as senior stylist at volona & associates.

I loved this range of redken because it catered to the audience which needed that kind soft smoothing touch to the hair with the protein technology which comes along with redken you can also give it a little boost to the hair shaft just a little though its not like its another brother from another mother Extreme which is the darker blue range.

For this product its great for all types of hair but fine hair it might weigh down so be careful... remember you do have to switch your shampoo because your hair gets used to the same one. If you feel you need more of a protein hit then go to extreme if you need both use the lovely purple range which is called real control.

if you need any more help deciding use message me I think I have tried the full range through from curl to smooth control which is semi straightening range they released over there.

Mercedes D.

I really like it. Smells fantastic, works fantastic, looks fantastic. Themain reasons why people don't like it is probably because wasn't suited for their hair type. It works best with medium-thickness hair that is fairly dry (a lot of people are medium-thickness). It could weigh your hair down if it's too fine or not give thick, curly-haired girls the moisture treatment they're looking for.

Jenna G.

This used to be one of my favorite Shampoos by Redken in high school. The fragrance is amazing and it leaves you hair so unbelievably soft. My only problem i had with it is back then it was not color safe so i stopped using it. Now they reformulated it and its color safe, so i just picked up a bottle yesterday and can't wait to start using it again.

Wafi A.

This was such a splurge item for me. It's kind of pricey at almost $15, but it made my hair so smooth and soft! I have to say that I really like it.

I've always used drugstore shampoos like Pantene, Garnier, and Loreal. I kind of wanted to invest in my hair a little more, however those products worked for me. I think I'll continue with my drugstore shampoos, but if your hair is color treated or damaged definitely splurge.