Urban Decay

Disney Alice In Wonderland Palette


Emelie L.

It looks awesome! And I love Alice in Wonderland! And Urban Decay! Can you still get it in 2012? If so where?? Could you please help me find it? :)

Rachael B.
Glitter and bold, fantasy colors

This is my favorite eyeshadow palette to date! Alice in wonderland?!! Please! A great gift received. I love the glittery shadows a bit more than the plain ones - they last longer for me. Love the blue/green pencil. Works great with brown eyes. I am not sure I will buy another blk pencil. A bit too kohl for me. The primer is definitely needed for these shadows especially the glittery ones. They do have a tendency to get all over so I would be careful. Don't hurt yourself! Overall. This is highly recommended for fun looks and great quality.

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Donna T.

This palette was bought for me as a gift from my boyfriend, because he knows how much I adore Alice in Wonderland. This thing is amazing! There are so many complimenting colors in here, it's easy to make a million and a half looks. The shadows are up to par with Urban Decay's normal quality, which is soft and blendable and amazing, even if it has a little fallout every once in a while. I've just about hit pan on Alice and Underland. I really love that they changed all the names of the shadows to fit the theme. I know some people hate it but I dig it! I know what shadows they are, they didn't fool me, but I appreciate they tried to keep the theme. I wish they would have come out with more products, maybe a lip gloss or something!

Rosy S.
Party Palette

When I heard this was going hit Sephora I was thrilled!! Especially after viewing the vibrant combo! This is Definitely a fun, party palette! The pigments are on point, very pigmented and I recommend it to anybody who is daring and bold.

Mindy R.
How fun!

I ended up wanting this after Sephora and UD's websites stopped carrying it, so I had to scour the internet to find one which meant paying waaaaay more than I should have for it. But what the heck, it's one of my fave UD palettes! I love the mix of the brights and the neutrals since I like doing a neutral eye with a pop of bright colour. I also love the blue eyeliner included and I can never have too many travel size primer potions. A great addition to my UD palette collection!

Ariel L.

This is one my top favorite palettes ever! Every shadow is so unique in its own way and I love the glitter and shimmer in these shadows. The color selection is great for anyone and everyone. Great for a variety of looks from bright and fun colored to neautral or bronzed. I was addicted to this palette for quite a while, very useful!

Rebecca W.

This was the first Urban Decay palette i bought. The packaging is gorgeous and being a huge Tim Burton fan i just HAD to have it. LOVE the pop up section and the names of the eyeshadows =) I must say i don't use this palette as much as my Naked Palette. There are some very vibrant colours in this palette (Alice, Absolem, Underland) and they are beautiful but not everyday colours. The gold colour Oraculum is just absolutely AMAZING. So although i don't use this palette a lot, I don't regret buying it. It's one of a kind!

Mary P.
Love at first swatch!

This is the very first Urban Decay palette I purchased, has it been almost 2 years since it released? I still have alot of the product left, obviously there is so much eyeshadow in this palette to last you a couple more years or longer. It comes with 2 eyeliners and a travel sized primer potion which I thought made the price worth it. Go easy when applying because the colors are vibrant, long lasting and a small amount goes a long way. I love the packaging as well, they couldn't go wrong with Alice in Wonderland, its a beautifully made palette with a beautiful theme. Too bad its discontinued but I'm a proud owner and wouldn't sell or trade this for anything.

Kalyn A.
My prized possession.

I adore this palette. It was my first Urban Decay shadow purchase and I love it so much! The colors are really vivid and there's a nice assortment of neutral colors as well as more bold ones. The packaging is adorable as well. It's a really nice palette.

Staci M.

The Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows was really my first introduction to Urban Decay, which is a brand I am obsessed with now. For me, the palette was worth it because I didn't own any other UD shadows, but if you do own a lot, you should definitely make sure you check for repeats. Now that I have many UD palettes my rule is always "If I already own half the shadows in the box, I don't need to buy it" because UD repeats shades so often.