Professional Pro X Advanced Cleaning System

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Silvia E.

I love it! I use it everyday at shower, my skin is clean and soft... In my opinion it is a very good product! Price is fair. I dont like too much the cleaneser but you can use it with your favorite face soap

Lana P.
an absolute must for acne-prone skin!

This product is just amazing. I've been using it for about a month and my skin feels like it did when I was 18! (I'm 23).

Here is a little about my skin type/history... Up until a year ago I always had normal skin, with occasional zits came and went during my period. However, one day I ran out of face wash and started using my roommates face wash, Neutrogena acne face wash with salicylic acid. I used that for about a month, and my face was covered in zits that wouldn't go away. I know salicylic acid is supposed to bring all your zits to the surface (called the "purging" phase or whatever) but I think that's stupid... Salicylic acid is a joke and i thought my skin was ruined. After a couple days of reading reviews for the Olay Pro X system (now I always read reviews before buying face products!), I bought it along with Cetaphil(the one for normal-oily skin). The first time using it my face felt so good! I can't even compare it to anything besides how my skin used to feel when I was 5 year younger. It felt better than when after I use apricot scrub, which leaves my face feeling too dry and too exfoliated.

Now I use the olay pro x with cetaphil every night and I only get a little pimple about once a week. And it goes away quickly because the olay pro x keeps my pores clean with out over drying. Oh and also I have been struggling over my very dark acne scars from my salicylic acid nightmare, and I have noticed a lot of improvement. Without using the olay pro x the scars would probably take a whole year to fade.

My skin is now normal again (when I was acne prone it was oily) and I'm so happy and I highly recommend this to anyone, skin issues or not you will love this product!

My current skin routine: Use Olay Pro X every night with cetaphil Follow with Thatchers Rose Water Witch hazel Moisterize with Garnier Moisture Rescue gel

Emily  M.
pretty darn good!

I really like this brush. I got it at Walgreens for $30, and it came with a tiny olay cleanser. Works great, and makes my skin so soft and clean!

Vanessa L.
I love it!

I got a pretty good deal..bought mine at Costco for $36 and it came with the cleanser, batteries, and 2 brushes. I've had it for a couple of weeks and I think it's helped my skin feel smoother, cleaner and also minimized my pores a little. Def recommend it. The brush is softer than I expected but you can always apply more/less pressure. The only downside is that I wish it was timed but overall it works pretty good.

Emily M.
This is the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to my Skin

Like I said up there, it's the best thing that's ever happened to my skin. Before I started using it, my forehead was scattered with whiteheads, and often spotted with a few pimples. I couldn't stand it. The minute I used this, I felt like my face was breathing. I could really feel it getting everything out of my pores. I immediatly felt refreshed! Within a few days, my forhead had cleared up so much that only about half of the blemishes were left. Now, I use it twice a day, and my face looks and feels amazing. DO NOT hesitate to get this. You'll LOVE it.

Aniko F.
Cheap Clarisonic Dupe

I love this product! I have used it for over a year now and I see such a difference in it. I wanted to try out the Clarisonic but could not spend the over $100 dollars on that system and this one seemed like a more practical alternative and it was! I totally recommend this!

Linda M.
LOVE it for my sensitive skin

I read some reviews on this product and decided to give a try. It was a good decision. I instantly noticed a difference in how my soft skin felt after using it. I use it daily with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleaner. The brush isn't too abrasive on my oily sensitive skin. For $25 (or less), the value can't be beat. The handle is ergonomic and it's easy to operate. The only con that I found is the battery tray is hard to slide out.

Coco G.

I did a lot of research and watched many reviews of people comparing this product and clarisonic mia, I bought this as result..I've tried it couple times, It does clean my skin very well and smooth it a lot..however, the brush itself i feel is not soft enough, so I dont hold it against my face really tight because if so it is a bit too harsh.

Sarah M.
Made My Skin Glow!

I bought one on amazon for $20 and loved the results. I use my own cleanser because I have acne-prone skin but I love how it makes my skin look and feel. I love that it's waterproof. Great tool for a cheap price!

Davia G.
Great Buy for The Budgetwise Diva

I love my daily dose of heaven! I purchased mine at Sam's Club this Dec for 30$ and I got one for my momma who's 65! I love the fact it's waterproof so it sits in my shower and I use it everyday! Well worth every penny! I have noticed a dramatic difference in the size of pores, tone and texture of my skin! I don't desire nor require my facial cleaner to have as many rpm's as a powerdrill so for me this does a wonderful job! Great addition to any beauty routine!