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Viva Las Vegas!

This is my go-to lip color! The perfect baby pink. I often layer it with Dani lip gloss. However, I wish that these Buxoms had more pigment in them. I have a lot of natural lip color, so I usually have to pick a darker color to get a clean, lip color application. That leads me to my next quest though. I wanna find a lip primer or pencil that will either neutralize my lip color or add color to it. Maybe MAC??


Ok so finally they made this product in tube-form! I love this product, but I hate sticking my fingers in it. I mean seriously where am I supposed to wipe my hands after using this product. I'm like a 3-yr-old ea time I use this product and then I have to wipe it on something. It's not very sanitary. Who do they think I am? I don't carry a monogrammed hanky around with me. Anyway, they need to get crackin and make the minty one in a tube form as well. Is it too much to ask?


I have fine hair, and so I need day-old hair for styling. My SASSY BEEZY gave this to me, and I love it! I used to use Oscar Blandi (white powder, not spray bc the spray leaves white residue/hard to blend into hair), but the Oscar one is $5 more and a pain to actually get the product from the bottle to your hair (since it's a fine powder). I like how easy Batiste is to use, spray it on and then blend it out. I'll probably save the Oscar Blandi one for traveling since it doesn't contain fluids


I love the fine-tooth comb, the formula, the price, how it lengthens, how it volumizes, how it DOESN'T clump... ahhh i love this product!!! plus it's always on sale somewhere, and even if it's not, it's still $7-8. I've used Lancome and Dior forever. This mascara trumps it bc/of price.


I somehow always have one of these somewhere either in my purse, bathroom, makeup kit. It's a reliable chapstick. Plus I like the minty one. Great for priming the lips before lip gloss! Bc essentially it's beeswax, and majority of lip primers contain the exact same ingredient. So save some $ and buy some burt's bees. Oh but don't get the SPF one. It left a whitish color on my lips... ewww

Smells Amazing, But Too Expensive

For me, it worked as a basic mascara, but I didn't see a HUGE difference in volume. It smelled AMAZING, which is why it got me hooked in the first place. I just can't see myself spending $20+ on it when I can get Covergirl LashBlast volume + length on sale for $5 a pop!

Lasts a few hrs in the waterline

Most of the time I use gel eyeliner bc I feel it looks cleaner and darker. However, I got the Zero/Whiskey duo in my Naked Palette. So I will use it from time to time in my waterline or as my top eyeliner if I'm in a rush. It's cool to smudge out on my top lids, but it doesn't last very long in my waterline. I could probably use a brighter color to define my lower lash line, but Zero/Whiskey just close in my eyes


Great finishing loose powder, touch-up AND even by itself with brightening primer of course! It gives makeup an airbrushed/polished effect when you finish with it. Also, it's perfect for touch-ups. I use the tinted and hydrating. Tinted for touch-ups bc/it adds a little color (great for midday if your makeup has a faded a lil) and by itself with primer bc/it's my "no makeup-makeup"routine haha if that makes sense. Also the hydrating has a gold highlight and delivers moisture to my skin, so I use that when I finish my foundation


I bought this when I had a beauty splurge at Target. It definitely helped to set my mineral makeup and gave it a "lived in" look. So my mineral foundation looked blended in and dewy, but I didn't really notice if it made my makeup last longer. I use primer anyways. I'd pick primer over a setting spray hands down


I have lots of baby fine hairs. This tames them, and it keeps my hair smooth when I put it in a high pony or top knot. I like to use this first, then I finish with Redken Hardwear 16 and Tresemme #4 Hair Spray

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