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Daniela M.
Go get the tube version!!!
Photo of product included with review by Daniela M.

Dear Beautylish readers, Go to your local Anthropologie store or online vendor to get the TUBE VERSION of this delightful product. We all know it's amazing, and why.

My main reason for loving it is that, unlike most other lip and petroleum-based products, Rosebud Salve doesn't dry out my lips! After 10 years of using Aquaphor, I assert that Rosebud Salve is better for lip moisturizing.

Why is the tube better than the pot? If you're a germophobe, I need not explain. Gross, right? Sticking your finger back constantly into this pot with particles and stuff that accumulate...the thought of bacteria erks me. If you're a regular person, the tube has its advantages in melting situations: if the pot melts, when you open it, the salve gets everywhere: hands, side of pot, purse, car, etc. In the tube, granted, it's so liquid-y that you get too much on your lips, but there's no serious clean-up involved. Last reason why the tube is better than the pot: you don't have to wipe off your finger every time you use it (...side note: before the tube was available, I used to smudge that leftover salve on my opposite elbow and/or cuticles for a quick moisturizer).

Photo just shows size of tube in relation to tube of Aquaphor... Rosebud Salve wins, though!!! :)

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Reni V.
Multipurpose must-have

My best friend has been a devotee of Rosebud Salve for as long as I can remember. After fifteen-plus years, I can completely see why.

I picked up a tin during a recent Sephora order (solely for the free shipping upgrade). I didn't have high hopes for a $6 lip gloss. I was wrong; oh, how I was wrong!

Rosebud Salve applies smooth, but not greasy. It gives the slightest pink tint that looks more like natural flush than makeup. The scent is faint and of fresh-cut roses as opposed to being cloyingly sweet or overly perfumey. It fades quickly when applied.

I have used the product as a lip balm, a highlight for cheekbones, to tame unruly eyebrows when I don't have time/strength/sobriety to pencil them into submission, to moisturize dry cuticles, to cover ashy spots on my hands, to smooth the frizzy baby hairs around my face, to massage the sore spots on my feet after too much time spent in too-small too-tall heels, and even as a quick ointment for my niece's bouts of prickly heat. It lasts through eating, drinking, kissing, talking, and has the added bonus that it actually conditions my lips. I'm a biter, so having something that didn't transfer to my front teeth was such a godsend. I also love that my hair did not stick to my lips once.

With average use, I figure one tin can go for at least a year. I've had mine for about three months and there's barely a dent. This is always in my purse or pocket.

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Vivian C.
Photo of product included with review by Vivian C.

Ok so finally they made this product in tube-form! I love this product, but I hate sticking my fingers in it. I mean seriously where am I supposed to wipe my hands after using this product. I'm like a 3-yr-old ea time I use this product and then I have to wipe it on something. It's not very sanitary. Who do they think I am? I don't carry a monogrammed hanky around with me. Anyway, they need to get crackin and make the minty one in a tube form as well. Is it too much to ask?

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Amanda H.
won't leave home without it

i use this for everything. i put it on my lips every night before bed and in the morning when i wake up, i dab it in my wrists when i forgot perfume because it smells so good, i dab it on my cuticles when they're getting dry, i swipe it over my eyelids for a dewey look and i've even rubbed it between my palms and pressed it onto my face when my makeup was drying out in the winter. this is my cure-all. i LOVE this balm. i love wearing this alone on lips because it brings out my natural lip color, but when i'm looking for a subtle pop of a different color, i apply the rosebud salve and then go over it with a lipstick and it's more like a colored balm than a lipstick. i can't say enough good things about this product.

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Katelyn R.

Hands down, love this product. I love how you can use this for pretty much anything! I use this on dry lips and I also coat my eyelashes with this before bed to condition them from wearing mascara all day! Weird, but it really works! I also love the smell of this product. It has a warm floral smell, which calms me!

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Nicole A.
loveeeee this stuff

so I was in sephora a few months ago and picked ome of these little tins up and wow so glad I did. This is truly an all purpose salve. I use it for many things such as my lips my under eye area my heels and my tattoos, but I love it especially for what it does for my hands it keeps them so so soft and moisterized I have no need for lotion on them anymore. A little goes along way and even though this tin is small it packs a long lasting punch, I stocked up and ordered 3 more already. Not to mention the sent soft delicate rose LOVE this stuff (:

Jennifer M.

This has got be the best product ive ever used on my lips. My lips are usually dry and chapped, due to the cold weather, and using this just makes my lips moisturized and soft, right after the first use. Not only that, i use this on dry areas of my face, elbows too! I dont think ill ever use any other kind of moisturizer, just this!

Crystal V.

great for chap lips and nails awesome I take it with me every were #1 staple and smells like rose water ?? also all natural its so diverse with skin and the best part is that its cheap !!

Emma K.

so great at healing chapped lips, skin, cuticles, and taming brows! one of the cheapest buys from sephora, 6$, and it comes in a tube version too! try it, its great

Jessica D.

This stuff is the best for chapped lips, it's not too greasy but still gets the job done. It's not very expensive and you get a lot of product, and it lasts a pretty long time! I love putting this on right before I go to sleep, and right when I start my getting ready process. That way it has plenty of time to sink in