LashBlast Fusion Mascara

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Ana B.
It's OK

It's like the regular LashBlast but more natural. It doesn't give you the dramatic length and volume it claims. I don't feel like it held my curl very well either. I got the "water resistant" formula. As soon as my sensitive eyes got watery, this mascara got so runny and got on my cheeks. It doesn't clump at all though so I can kind of see why some people like it. It just wasn't my cup of tea I guess.

Ruth B.

This is the best Mascara I have tried so far. It is so beautiful to apply. It separates and lengthens my lashes so well. It doesn't clump at all! :D It does all the things a Mascara should do. <3

Devonne A.

such an amazing product! doesn't clump at all and it gives my lashes so much extra length and volume. and since my lashes are already naturally long and curled, it made them look even better.

perfect volume with this one

My only problem was that it smudged at the end of the day. But get this... Can I just say Cover Girl makes the best, and I mean THEE BEST mascaras ever? Every mascara I've tried from them is fantastic because of their wands. None of their mascaras clump on me. I have used five of their mascaras. They were the first kinds of mascara I've tried and I haven't bought any other brand because there's just no use in experimenting when this brand already does everything I want. Cover Girl mascaras I've tried: Lashblast, Lashblast Fusion, Lash Blast Lengthening, Lash Exact, and Exact Eyelights Waterproof.

I am going to try the Lashblast Clump Crusher next.

Ashley B.
My favorite

Defiantly my favorite mascara it adds soooo much length it's great! I wish that it added more volume though! :) it's overall a great Lengthening mascara! I have it in waterproof and it doesn't make a difference it runs when water hits it but I love it ❤

Brigette D.

This is definitely my second favorite mascara! I love the way it adds length to my lashes.. I do wish it added a bit more volume but over all I LOVE IT!

Kaitlyn W.

I love this mascara! Its doesn't clump and the big brush is good for application. It makes your lashes look longer and it is amazing. But the bad part is about after about 2 weeks it starts to smell..

Jennifer M.
My "Go To" Mascara! Definitely worth the money!

I love this mascara. It's recently became my "go to" mascara. I love the way it makes my eyes look fuller, longer, and makes them look great. I love that it doesn't clump like most "drugstore" mascara does! I would definitely go out and buy this again.

Arielle N.

I've been very faithful to this product since it came out. I started with the original LashBlast, but I prefer this. Doesn't clump on my thick lashes and stick them together and I can layer it for a more dramatic look, which I love. I also find it stays on well, too. Hands down, my absolute favorite mascara ever<3

Donna T.
Not for me.

I didn't like this mascara at all. It didn't do any of the things it said it would. All it did was turn my lashes black.. no lengthening or volume or anything.