Big & Healthy Lip Stick


Celeste b.
The BEST Lipstick Ever!!

I received this lipstick as a gift & Ive never loved a lipstick so much!! The shade is really beautiful & I get so many compliments. I also love that lasting tingly feeling!

Maryann K.
Everyday Go-To

If I want a color thats good for everyday wear that will literally last all day and give my lips a nice plump look, I turn to my Pencil in Amsterdam. the natural pink color is just pink enough to show up as a pretty color that matches everything, but is subtle enough to wear as a nude if you want. The range of colors is so large there is something for everyone! I love that there is a sharpener built in and that this product really does work all day, and makes your lips feel very soft.

Jaime C.
New favorite lipstick!

Just bought Havana (dark plum) and Monte Carlo (bright red-pink) today - I'm in love! The colors are great and the cooling feeling tells me my lips are plumping up! The pencil style makes it easy to line and then fill in my lips. Sleek, silver packaging adds some cool to my makeup bag. Will definitely be purchasing more colors!

Joanna M.

I tried this on in Sephora and I immediately LOVED it. It's a great lipstick that also doubles as a liner! PLUS it has a built-in sharpener which I thought was such a cute idea n__n The plumping effect is nice, I like the gentle tingle [ much unlike NYX's plumper which BURNS, don't buy it ] and the beautiful color! I usually put my Buxom lip gloss over it, but if you want a nice matte look, this will do the job all by itself! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice lipstick with a mild plumping effect!

Nikki M.
Really like it

I think this lipstick is underrated. I got it on a whim at Sephora and now it is my "go-to". Only complaint is that I wish it lasted a little longer. Besides that, it's great.

Lindsay R.
Feels amazing!

This is my all time favorite lip stick! It's pigmented, creamy, and feels great on the lips.

The consistency of this lipstick is unlike any other. It is a combination of a liner and lipstick all in one. It's thick, and it allows for perfect application... There is no need for a lip brush here! Although it's thick, it's also creamy and it glides on smoothly.

It definitely is a hydrating lipstick, with pigmentation greater than most lipsticks that claim to be hydrating. When you apply, there is also a cooling, tingling sensation, which is supposed to make your lips plump. I didn't see a dramatic difference, but it felt nice. The flavor and scent of this lipstick is light and pleasant.

Naomi D.
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in "San Francisco"
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

*sighs* Luckily, I got this as a gift and didn't spend money on it. It doesn't show up well on my lips. It isn't all bad, though. It has a great smell, nice packaging & I love the little pamphlets that Buxom products come with. It goes on smooth & it's somewhat long-lasting. However, this color is very muted. I have dark skin & I usually buy colors like this because they show up better on my lips. This didn't show up too well, but it still has some color to it. I can't give this 5 stars, but I will try out some of the other colors.

Vivian C.
Viva Las Vegas!

This is my go-to lip color! The perfect baby pink. I often layer it with Dani lip gloss. However, I wish that these Buxoms had more pigment in them. I have a lot of natural lip color, so I usually have to pick a darker color to get a clean, lip color application. That leads me to my next quest though. I wanna find a lip primer or pencil that will either neutralize my lip color or add color to it. Maybe MAC??

Tessa C.
Photo of product included with review by Tessa C.

The first thing you'll experience with this lip stick is a really cool tingling effect that actually lasts a while. This can be used as a lip liner, lip stick, or both! The formula is creamy and feels great on the lips. I didn't really experience a plumping effect, but it did smooth my lips a bit.

Pictured: New Orleans with Tara Buxom lip gloss on top.