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Julia E.
BLUE is amazing

I love black lashes, but for something fun I tried the Azure Blue and I LOVE it. I don't wear it all the time because it is a really bright blue, but I wear glasses so it doesn't stand out as much behind the lenses. However wearing this mascara makes me feel happy because it's such a fun colour to wear! It goes on nicely, and make my lashes look just generally long, but super thick. I tried on the Black at a Sephora, and it worked so well, very 'showy' lashes. The blue probably does do the same, but its harder to tell because the blue is not as definitive as the black. The price is a little expensive, but I bought it at Sephora with a discount. And I think it's worth it since it makes me feel good :)

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Janna G.
Opt for Revlon Grow Luscious!
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I recently blogged about this, (and kinda ranted on YT too lol!) because I used to be a Dior Show "only" kind of girl... that ended a few years ago when I realized I could get a great mascara for under $10. Anyway, so I recently bought Grow Luscious and I personally think it's identical!!

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Nancy-Lee C.
Like the product not the price.

I like this. The price, I do not. I am currently using the black, I also own Blue but have yet to try it on . Because I clean my brush before every use, I always start with fresh product and my lashes are separated and lengthened and well coated, the mascara is not globed on. I use one coat wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat to the outside 1/3 only.

So this is my secret to fighting dry out: every day I pull the want out and wipe it off with a piece of TP, clean. Then I dip the wand back into the product and apply.

Let's face it - you (SHOULD) only keep mascara for 3 months, this is a big tube with a lot of product, so if you're emptying this tube with my method and your application prior to 90 days, you're using too much. lol.

At $24 I probably will not rebuy this. I can't justify the results to the cost.

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Claudette B.

This is my favorite mascara out of all mascaras I have ever tried! I have tried numerous high end and drug store mascaras but this one is my absolute favorite! I have stick straight lashes so I would normally use my Shu Uemera lash curler and then Dior Show mascara. I kid you not, my lashes stays curled for a long time. The brush and the formula of this mascara is very high quality. You have got to try this!

Tasha B.
My holy grail mascara
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I have long eyelashes naturally, and this just helps them extend a bit more. It gives me a more pronounced and polished look, as my lashes can sometimes look "out of order" when I do not wear mascara. I do notice that when it gets old, it clumps, but that's just a sign it's time for a new one. I like that it doesn't smell (some mascaras reek).

Nicole T.

one of my fave mascaras of all time for sure! my lashes are small and short and dont really curl very well. this mascara make my lashes look amazing!!! I love it!

Janice E.
bring on the volume!!!

I love this mascara the only thing is that its pricey and I swear continues to go a $ 1.00 up each year lol otherwise its my go to mascara and since I wear false lashes it blends so well with it too and it works just great without the falsies too.The added plus is that I use the waterproof it dont run at all,it dont have a weird chemical smell like most mascaras do and its so easy to remove and you are gonna love how big the wand is too.

Elaina Y.
My go-to mascara

This is hands down one of my favourite mascaras. I use this mascara in black. I have short, sparse and pin straight downwards pointing lashes. After using a lash curler this mascara holds my curl, clump free and gives me volume after about 1-2 coats. You can wear this mascara alone to give you all of these traits and it works well when layering it with other mascaras. I really like the formula, and the large classic wand that it comes with. The brush is able to grab all the lashes on my eye and it's easy to clean off with cleanser or makeup remover. The best part of this is it stays on the whole day, you won't find the yourself with racoon eyes in te middle of the day. It is a bit pricy but it lasts quite awhile. I would definitely recommend this is if you are looking for volume, clump free and curl holding in you mascaras.

Leah C.

One of the best mascaras I've used. period. Clients love it and I always recommend for brides. Not clumpy and makes lashes look like falsies :-) I even use the old wand for taming eyebrows!

Jaclyn G.
My Favorite

This is, by far, my favorite mascara. I just wish I could afford to buy it more! I usually go with Maybelline Full N' Soft because of the price and availability. Seems, to me, the closest to Dior Show I've tried. (and I've tried a lot)