Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil


Lily T.
Best added to your regular lotion!

I can't get over the smell of this oil - it is so delicious. However, I like to add a small dollop to my regular Cetaphil body lotion so I get the yummy smell and the moisture without too much grease. (Also good mixed with Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion for double cocoa smell!) Sometimes, though, if I use too much my legs feel slippery and slimy, especially in the summertime. I recommend using this before bed time, so when you wake up it has had time to soak into your skin. My legs are beautifully silky and smooth when I use it like this!

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Christine S.
so soft

i have been using this since it came out and love it. i mainly use it on my legs where i tend to be the dryest. i have put it on my arms as well. i do like the smell and there is no greasy feeling.

Davia G.
Great for Dry Skin

I used this Product ALL SUMMER LONG!!! I saw it advertised on TV when it first came out and literally rushed out to CVS to get it!!! I was impresses how soft and silky it made my skin look WITHOUT the slimy greasy feel! The smell is great and pairs well with my perfume and is great to apply right after getting out of the shower!

Hafsa I.
Fantastic for dry skin

My legs get extremely dry so I tend to judge how moisturising something is depending on how moisturised my legs are. This gel body oil works so well on my skin and I couldn't recommend this enough to people. It smells divine and and you're left with smooth, glistening skin and you feel very pampered and considering that it's very cheap, it feels like a luxury product!

Simone June B.

I absolutely adore this product. I will have to say, it's probably best used in the winter (the drier months) because it can get greasy, but after a long day, you take a shower, you put this stuff on, and your skin feels pretty moisturized!

JoJo M.

A great product for the winter especially if you tend to get dry skin or if you have dry skin. It's a bit to greasy and think. That's why I would only recommend for the winter season.

Bea Untouchable u.
cool cool

If you have dry skin this is a great product for you. I like to use this product in the winter time when my skin needs a little bit more nourishment . it can get a little greasy and a little messy so be careful

Myrna P.

I like and it works great. Only problem I have is the packaging, because it is so oily and always gets all over the place. Other than that, pretty nice to put on after a nice warm shower.

Tiffany F.
So creamy

I love the texture and creamy feel of this lotion. It does help with dryness and the smell is great. My only problem is if any gets on your face at all, it's instant breakout! The product is so thick it just stick to your face and clogs your pores. I never put it on my face on purpose but we all touch out face and sometimes it just happens :)

Elizabeth D.

I SWEAR by this product. It can get a tad bit greasy, but waking up in the morning with smooth, soft, moisturized and luminous skin is SO worth it ! I also love to apply a little of this product on my legs before I go out to give them a pretty sheen !