Johnson & Johnson

Clear Touch Oil-Absorbing Sheets


Sofia C.
best mattifying sheets I've ever used

Other sheets Ive used have had powder debris but these have no such thing of the sort. Effective and never messy, these literally absorb the oil from any spot on your face like a magnet - just lightly pat onto the affected area and lift. Inspecting the oil you so resent on the sheet afterwards is optional. Never removes makeup. Perfect! I so prefer this than touching up or repowdering because that eventually looks cakey.

Tianna D.
Just Fabulous!

I've had oily skin for as long as I can remember. This really helps get that oil slick off your face without taking off your makeup. Just be sure to blot and not rub!

Mayra S.
Goodbye Shine! Hello beautiful matte skin!

I have oily/ combination skin and I hate how my T-Zone looks oily a few hrs after I apply my makeup. This product is amazing! I love how it removes all the oil and shine from my face but my makeup stays intact. Just press on the oily/ shiny areas w/ a sheet and you're good to go- doesn't take more than a minute- AMAZING! ♥

Angela s.
must have

I personally dont have oily skin but I carry these in my purse everyday. If its a hot day or if its just a day my skin feels like producing more oil, I can just pull one of these out and pat it on my face, and all the oils gone and I dont have to do it again all day.

Rachele H.
Must have for any oily faced person!

I seriously can't even picture going a day without these amazing things! I have pretty oily skin so half way through the day I pull one of these bad boys out, give my faces quick once over, and I'm set for the rest of the day. I would have to say these are the best oil blotting sheets I've ever used hands down.

I also love how they turn clearish after you use them, it's gross but amusing to say the least!

LaTavia G.
Will have u pic ready

Great to have on the go to absorb oil on forehead & around nose area. Inexpensive and can be purchased at any local drugstore. One sheet does wonders...... SUPER ABSORBENT:)

Lynn R.

After a long day my forehead and nose gets a little oily and these bad boys soaked all of the oil up. They're inexpensive, last a while, and actually work. You can see all the oil on the sheet when done.

Kiki M.

All I can say is never go out without them especially if you're oily!!! WONDERFUL!!!!! These will pick up absolutely any and all oil that your face can possibly create!!!!

Sivvy D.

I haven't used these in a long time, but I do remember using this when I was in high school. I had very oily skin in high school during the summer, and I used this to get rid of any shine that the oils on my face had caused.

To me this is a must have for on the go shine control.

Nancy V.

I used this a lot in High school right after PE and it soaked up all the oils and dirt on my face. I've tried other oil absorbers like Forver21's beauty brand and elf and it does not compare to clean and clear. My little sister has oil and acne prone skin, after a few months of using these sheets her skin looked a lot less oily. these are a great pick me up for after the gym or just whenever your skin feels oily. the only down side is that sometimes it does take off a bit of my makeup off, but i think that's just due to not applying on my makeup well enough.