Bath & Body Works

Japanese Cherry Blossom- Shower Gel


Trish islandBesos A.
i Smell Gr8!

I just got this for the first time 2 weeks ago along with the body lotion. I've heard many say that it smells great and then again i've heard many say that it's to sweet and high scented. I usually don't go for highly scented shower gels and lotions but i love the way this smells and my fav thing is that i can smell it on my skin all day long. A win for me!

Jordan W.

I used this stuff for a long time and most of my friends could say they would smell it on me from time to time. Although I recently switched soaps (just because I was bored with the same smell for a few years) its a wonderful smell. And is even better in the bubble bath!!

Necole P.

This shower gel (along with lotion) is all I need to last me the entire day! This is my summer scent and it is so feminine, I always get compliments everytime I wear it!

Mariann A.
Love It!!

I almost use it every day!! Really fresh and romantic at the same time and stays with you for long time without competing with your perfum or you can use it with the cream and splash to keep it the whole day.

Jonee B.
All-time favorite!

I have loved many scents from B&BW (all of which are discontinued). However, this is my favorite. I use the whole line (shower gel, lotion, body spray, and fragrance). I like to have mine own unique scent, so I will wear this with another scent to make it my very own.

Nancy M.
Zen in a Bottle

this product is an all-time favorite of mine...the smell is quiant and powerful to the senses. It is soft but femine and the body wash smell lingers throughout. Since I moslty shower at nite, the smell the very calming and soothing for a good nite's rest.

LaNeice R.

I so love their products but this has to be my overall favorite product they make! I had heard so much about it, but didn't get what the big deal was! lol Until I went and smelled it for myself next thing you know I was trying to buy every different item they make in the line! Which reminds me I need to get some more body spray! A few months ago I had so many reviews on my blog pertaining to Bath and Body Works it was ridiculous! lol

Ty P.

The smell of this one is strong at first and it felt like i was washing in perfume but after the shower the smell wears off ... the only thing i like is that its stronger than some of the other products ... i think older women would like this because its a mature smell and not girly

Tiffany S.
great clean scent

IDK why but this scent reminds me of the colder Month's. Its such a light clean smell. I bought the lotion & body wash and love them both. I usually like really fruity girly scents but this one is a bit different & won my heart.

Nikket R.
Signature Scent behind Givenchy's Very Irresistible

This is my go-to every day scent nowadays for the times I don't want to wear my more expensive perfumes. I always get complimented when I wear this. I love this scent and will continue to purchase it. :-)