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Awesome Smokey Palette

This has become one of my favorite palettes to go to. I love the neutrals up top and the colors on the bottom. It's an easy way to mix and match and still go together. The pigmentation is incredible. Blackout is definitely the best matte black in the makeup world. The only thing is that I wish there was a shimmery white to go with it.

Great every day powder.

This powder works great so far. It's silky smooth. Finely milled. Ultra mattifying. It lasts great through the day. I love the powder puff. My foundation doesn't budge either.


I got this on a whim. I couldnt decide on this or the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet or whatever. I went with this. I absolutely LOVE it. It covers just about everything. I love to put a medium to thin layer on the face and extra on the needed areas. I pretty much don't need concealer. YAY!! It sets to a natural consistency and blends effortlessly. Also, I haven't had any break out problems with it. DOUBLE YAY!!!!

Absolutely love this quad.

There are so many options for this set of colors. I mainly use it on days where I don't feel like being over done. For just a light smokey look I will use the white and brown shade. To make my greener side of my eyes pop, I will add in the purply shades on the lid. I wish they had the brown shade as a single eyeshadow. A sticky base is necessary though to make the shadows vibrant.

It was ok.

I got it thinking that it would work great for my foundation. did not. It is too dense and tugs too much on the skin. It's great for cream blush products but I am not too much into those. Every once in a while I will use it but not very often. Kinda a waste, personally.

Great Setting Powder!!

This product works heavenly for me. Great by dusting over face or pressing it in with the applicator. The littlest bit goes a long way, and it's cheap. It helps my foundation to last all day. But it does help control my T-zone.

Fantastic Brush!!!

I was a little skeptical of this brush. But after a while I went ahead a bought it. I absolutely LOVE it. It buffs in the foundation to perfection. Everything just blends in. If I am in a hurry and apply my foundation with my hands, then I just run this brush over to smooth anything out. Or I use just it on a normal day. It's super soft. It's not too dense but not too undense(??).

Thank you Sigma!!!

Fast Clean!

I do not like to clean my brushes every few days or every time I use them. But I like to use this as an in between or when I need to reuse a brush with a different color. It works great and dries quickly. The only thing I do not like is the open mouth dispenser. So, I bought a small spray bottle and filled it. I have had it for months and I still haven't gone through one bottle, let alone the full MAC bottle. I still have 2/3 left. Also, it's price isn't that bad.

Pretty Good!

Their blushes are SUPER pigmented. The slightest dab and there is too much product on the brush. You only use the smallest amount on each cheek. Paired with how cheap it is...super great buy. I just wish they weren't so shimmery.

I also got Gotta Glow and I didn't like that one as much. As a highlight, it's too chunky. Also, for my skin tone, it is too golden. But it is great along the cupids bow.


I was looking for a heat protectant for blow drying my hair. I found this for a great price. The first few times I liked it. But I do not like the scent or the feel. It almost feels a little grimy on the hair, personally. Overall, I am okay about it.

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