Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray


Synfonia H.
Amazinggg. Just Amazing!

This stuff makes my straight hair last for a good 4 days! My hair feels sooo soft and silky after. I haven't noticed any split ends after starting to use this. you must get this!

Jessica S.

This stuff is like silk in a bottle, I spray it in my hair before using any kind of heat and wait a few minutes for it to dry then style away! It makes my hair feel like heaven after straightening etc. I've been through bottles and bottles of it and have only recently came back to it after wanting to try something else out.. but nothing really compares. It's totally worth the price and an absolutely amazing product, highly recommend to anyone!

Galina I.
love this!

I get sad when I run out because I absolutely love this spray. it keeps my hair soft while protecting it from heat damage. I dye my hair a lot so curling and straightening is a hassle because it damages my hair but not since I started using this. I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it yet

Dani A.

I love this product, it made my hair smooth and I think it protected it A LOT. I usually get a lot of split ends and this reduced breakage.

Annie  V.

I like that this product smells nice but I honestly have no idea if it works because I don't see any changes in my hair, I guess that's a good sign??

Madison H.

Good product although I don't know if I see a difference if damage if I don't use this. I would love to say it protects my hair for damage, I think that this product works mentally! You think it does something but I'm not sure that it actually does! But I still use it every time that I use heat On my hair

Karina F.
It's Okay.

I've used this product a few times before straightening and blow drying and it does protect from heat but it doesn't give you a nice finish. It just melts right off the hair and it's as if you never put anything on your hair.

Jeanne P.

not so sure about this product, I feel like it protects the hair but not as much as I'd want. My ends get dry on the second day after using it and it normally don't when I use other products like the got2be protector one. Although for the prize it's a good protector!

Angie C.
Its ok,not crazy about it

this great protectant is ok,it doesn't give me any shine or anything its just there.I perfer the garnier heat protector or got 2b blow dry and flat iron protecting lotion if you want a heat protector that gives your hair moisture and silkiness.

Thalia M.

I use this every time I straighten or curl my hair. it leaves it looking shiny and limits the damage of the heat. I've noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair after I use this product. I barely get split ends while using this.