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Super Great!

I have only used a few other scrubs and they were either too rough or too soft. Also, some wouldnt have enough of the actual scrubbing crystals. I switched over to this when I ran out of my other, after hearing some good reviews. My first use, I was ecstatic. My face was super soft and smooth. Now after a weeks use (only about 3 times) I noticed a reduction in my blackheads and number of pimples. It's also a great price. I also use this on my chest and shoulders since I have a tendency to break out there too. So far, it is working great. I will probably use this to the end and see about a repurchase.

Awesome So Far

I have only been using a tinted moisturizer as my foundation. I have used several others but wanted to try something new. I couldn't decide between this and the Revlon Colorstay. I chose this. I have used it several times and absolutely love it. It sets really well and don't feel the need to actually set with a powder. It has got great coverage. I like that I can sheer it out or build it up where needed. I wish it had a better color range but Sand beige matched me the best. Especially compared to colorstay that didn't have a shade at all that matched. I like to use it either with my stippling brush from elf or my flat top kabuki from sigma. Only problem is I wish it had a pump, but that's a minor downflaw.

Awesomest Mascara So Far

I absolutely love this mascara. I still use Cover Girl's Lash Blast Length (yellow tube) to separate my lashes and lengthen but this on top is GREAT. It definitely volumizes. Also...I have tested it against my handy dandy Lash Blast Volume (orange tube) and when I stop with the revlon product and use Cover Girl's Volume my lashes have a tendency to fall out. When I switched back, my lashes thickened and strengthened again. I like trying new products here and there but this is a go-to. My only downfall towards this is how much the product clumps on the brush. I always scrape the sides before I use.

Best Primer Ever Used

I use the clear primer during the winter when my skin is dryer and its a great dewy glow to any foundation. I like the Light one during the summer because it mattifies my face, since it's more oily then. These primers make the makeup last for just about ever. They also make application magnifico. SUPER RECOMMEND


Product was aweful. Mine were too hard and wouldn't even pick up on a brush. I had to break it up and mix it to remoisten it. In the end...I threw it away. Good thing it was super cheap.

Not even worth it...

I bought this thinking that it was going to be great. Of course, it wasn't. The product doesn't even reach the tip. One was half dry when I got it as well. It didn't apply smoothly and it tugged and scratched the lid. absolute FAIL.

Everyday Primer

When I don't feel like doing a crazy dramatic look or something that involves a sticky base, I will pick up this product as my primer instead of the UDPP. It's cheap (like SUPER cheap) and actually works great. With this I have to set my eyelids with powder before applicaiotn to put another layer between the oil and my shadow. The only thing is I wish it was just a little bit more sticky but not as much as the UDPP.

Great Cheap Bonzer / Blush

The pigmentation is great, to the point that even a light dab picks up too much product. The only thing I wish is that they both weren'e so shimmery, pointing towards the bronzer mainly, makes it use as a contour nonexistent.

Great Product

I liked this product in the beginning of the year. Either on top of a foundation or alone...with a primer underneath of course. It had great coverage, especially when buffed in. Never looked overly cakey. The only downside is that it broke me out like crazy. I have heard that M.A.C face products does that to a lot of people. So now all it does is take up space unfortunately.

Favorite Mascara

I have tried many mascara's and I always come back to this. It's great for dividing the lashes and adding volume. I use on top of the Lash Blast Length. The pigmentation is great as well. The price is right too.

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