Beauty Product Reviews

Golly Gee Wilickers ! I LOVE mine ! Totally in love with his product. It so pigmented and super blendable. It doesn't crease and isn't sticky at all. I was super impressed with the pigmentation it had and the consistancy it had. I am totally going to look into buying all the shades and backups !

I heard so many reviews and raves about this eye liner that I decided to buy it and try it out. It was a total miss ! The eyeliner started flaking on me not even 20 minutes after application ( I don't have oily eyelids either). I had to reapply several times just to get the intensity I wanted. I love the applicator just not so much the formula.

I have several of the shades and my expierence with them is that they chip or smear so easily. Even with a base and top coat they seem to be a little too thick ? I mainly use them for water marbling now and not so much as wearing them alone.

I absolutely LOVE this primer! I have combination skin and it makes me foundation attach to my face and not slip and slip all over the place or look streaky. It is not oily at all, like other primers I have tried. I've only tried the foundation primer so I cannot speak for the eye lip primer but as far as the foundation primer goes i would totally purchase!

I bought mine a few days ago and i LOVE it! It's so soft yet sturdy & its a flat top. It's density is amazing for only costing me $3 at Target. The bristles are so soft that I just walk around the house rubbing it around my face. I also have the ELF total face brush and it's bristles are a little more flimsy and a bit scratchy. The powder brush is so professional looking and the material does not look cheap at all.

I have mine in Candid Coral and i think its a great highlighter if applied lightly. It has a slight shimmer and is quite sheer but definately buildable. I have a medium skin tone so it applied a little too light for me but maybe on darker skin tones it could work a little better.

I love the color pay off! It's like putting on chapstick lipgloss and a lipstick on at the same time. I just grab my lip butter and put it on and im good to go. And i like that there are multiple shades that dont all look the same but also at the same time they arent too bold either.

Bought mine the other day and it smells delicious! It's so much more convenient for me because Im always loosing my chapsticks and lip glosses so I just throw the EOS into my book bag and I can just reach for it whenever I need it :D

First Impression

I picked up 3 colors today at CVS for $1.47 each ( originally 7.49), and the colors i chose are Buttercup (a soft yellow), Sorbet (a pastel orange), and Cafe Pink (a baby pink) and they are all a cream finish. When I swatched them on my natural nails with no base coat, they applied so smoothly and opaque and I absolutely love the brush. The brush is very similar to the Sally Hansen flat wide brush. I will definetely be purchasing more soon !

I have several but today I used Purple Potion. OHMYNAILS ! I love love love LOVE this shade! Depending on how the light hits it it can either look purple or blue or black or even more or a plum color ! its just so amazing and great pigmentation. Obviously I am in love (:

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