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A fantastic on-the-go palette that takes care of almost everything w/o cheesy add-ons!

I've owned both versions of UD's NAKED palettes and they bored me to pieces... This comes with blushes and enough shadows to create at least 3-5 looks that are perfect for evening and day. There are no gloss or cream products inside that can make it unhygienic, and no silly useless applicators to jack up the price for something you would never use. The palette is compact and easy to slip into your purse or your desk at work for touch ups. I'm usually difficult to please with preset palettes, but this one def. gets approval from me!

Puts a pretty dent in my wallet, but worth every particle!

I used to adore my MUFE HD powder [for almost 5 years now!] but since I've discovered meteorite powders, I now know what all the hype is about now. It sets your makeup and gives you a natural glow perfect for daytime and night time wear! So soft, so finely milled... And I love the fragrance! I still love my MUFE HD for days I want a matte look, but now I am thankful I have something that'll bring the light back to my face on days I don't feel like going matte. =]

My fav all-time mascara!

I don't care if this stuff dries out easily... I find the dryness of the product actually helps me with lenghtening my lashes and adding volume to the base. Even after that fact, I still manage to get a good 4-6 mos. of use out of my tube if I milk it, so I'm not complaining whatsoever. It holds a curl BEAUTIFULLY, and does what no other mascara has done for me - everything any mascara has ever promised!

To help sway you to give it a try, my old favorites were Lancome's Definicils and Femme Fatale [don't ask me how I got used to that brush, but I made it work!] - so if you're looking for something more dramatic - give this mascara a try! =D

The perfect in between for MAC's fix+ and Urban Decay's Deslick/All-Nighter sprays!

UD's setting sprays were WAY too drying, although it controlled oil well... it enhanced dry patches and emphasized my skin's flakiness when I didn't even know I was flaky to start with! [I exfoliate every other day w/ my Clarisonic... so I'm going to assume this just made my skin dry and lift to "flake"]

MAC's fix+ did nothing to set my makeup. On days where my skin was dry, it was a nice refreshing spray, but I much prefer Avene's Thermal Water instead, since the spray is a light mist and not a sloppy spritzer spitting on your face... The packaging for this SUCKS since I can't travel without it leaking all over the place. My trip to Vegas killed half the bottle in transit due to spillage in my luggage... =(

MUFE comes to save the day with their setting spray! It's the happy medium - not too drying, and hydrating enough to tone down a matte look. The packaging is more function than form, but that's why I love MUFE - it's no frills, and does what it's supposed to do. The spray nozzle actually "mists" the product on without the need of being in an aerosol can [yay for the environment!] and a bottle definitely lasts a long time! HG standard for me! =D


I've had a long history of battling my way through every bronzer possible, and have finally found a great contender!

NARS Laguna broke me out. MAC Harmony broke me out Bare Minerals Faux Tan worked well, but I hate loose powders. (too messy) Bare Minerals Warmth was just orange NYC Sunny too orange and chalky Korres rose powder foundation (darkest shade) meh... Smelled nice, but packaging was bulky Benefit Hoola too light and hated the packaging

I received a deluxe sample from Tarte's Glow Your Way To Gorgeous set, and I love it! The packaging is a bit tacky, but it's a pressed powder in a beautiful shade that doesn't break me out or have shimmer in it.

Texture is similar to Benefit's creaseless cream shadows...

Another hype drugstore product I was reluctant to buy, but glad I did. The texture is identical to my creaseless cream shadow in Skinny Jeans, and if I were to dip my finger in either of them, I would be unable to distinguish the two with my eyes closed. MUFE Aqua creams are much harder and more difficult to blend, but they last longer. I don't own anything similar to pomegranate pink, and it really is a gorgeous color. I use this on my lids with Handwritten by MAC in my crease, blended out with Swiss Chocolate and Ricepaper on my browbone for a work appropriate look. They are nowhere near 24 hours worth of lasting power, but they hold up to my 8-14 hour days of work and school decently. It fades by maybe 15-20% by the end of the day with UDDP as a base. Still def. worth the money, and a great stepping stone into cream shadows with a drugstore alternative. =]

Ok, I was hesitant to buy into the hype, and now I'm kicking myself for not doing so sooner...

I saw a recent swatch of Lollipop on Temptalia's blog, and I had to have it once she said it was a slightly lighter version of Show Orchid by MAC. everywhere I went, they were sold out until I found a few left on display at a Rite-Aid when I needed to restock on some allergy meds. I grabbed Red Velvet, Tutti Frutti, and Sweet Tart - none of which disappointed, and definitely was pigmented and hydrating! I want them all now, and Berry Smoothie and Truffle is next on my list. A MUST-HAVE for any beauty arsenal for lovers of both drugstore and high-end products!

This is my "I mean business" perfume!

Floral/bright/jasmine... I love it. It's my fav. everyday scent for the office when I need that extra oomph! All those positive affirmations you tell yourself to psych yourself for a big event is exactly how this scent makes me feel. I am alert, on point, graceful, serious but able to relate and be charming to win it!

Pair this with my Super Woman heels for presentations or meetings, and I can definitely sell a blind man a TV.

I've yet to find anything that wears like skin and has the same finish! LOVE!

It sets and doesn't transfer, med. buildable coverage, and I don't feel it on my face at all! This helped my skin clear up... (happy surprise) and I had no bad reactions to it.

This stuff is fantastic with their MUFE HD primer, and I've yet to be impressed by other HE formulas. Love it for life!

I hate to go against the grain on this one...

Both the shampoo and conditioner was a huge miss for me. The shampoo doesn't lather at all, if any... And the conditioner leads me to believe its working, but by the time my hair dries, it is brittle and prone to breakage. I have long straight hair that has some damaged ends from previous colorings, but I'm growing it out. This makes my dry ends coarse and very unmanageable. Even my tangle teezer brush can't brush through the mess afterwards!

I tried using the conditioner for my brushes, but it left an undesirable film on them and still left them dry. Makes my hair and hair on brushes prone to falling out and breaking.

Save your money and try something else... ANYTHING else. =[

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