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Amelia J.
Everything I could want in a setting spray

So, this is the first product I've tried from MUFE... I was at sephora and was buying the Boscia white charcoal spray, and asked a sales associate for his opinion. He recommended this to me instead, so I got the travel sized bottle (and still got the Boscia one, too). I was hesitant to try this because I have oily skin, I always use a matte foundation with a ton of luminous products because I want to be glowy but not oily, which tend to go hand in hand sadly. Anyways, one night I decided to actually use this, it scared me at first because it goes on very wet, but I fanned my face until it dried and wow! It brought all my products together to the most beautiful finish, and it made my highlight pop. Using this is also the only way the glow from my primers is actually noticeable through my foundation. Throughout the day, it leaves my skin with a nice glowy finish that I wouldn't call quite dewy, just smooth and I haven't had any issues with it making me oily. My makeup stayso prefect all day, and I even fell asleep with a full face of glam on, and it looked flawless by morning with zero fading! I will definitely recommend this product to just about anyone, and expect to have this be a staple in my routine. The only con I could list is that it seems to oxidize my foundation a bit, so I have to be careful to spray every bit of my face evenly.

Breeze T.
My favorite dewy setting spray!

I always use mist & fix to set my makeup and to remove the "powdery" look. It gives me that youthful glow while looking extremely natural! It's not for oily skin though! :)

Kandee D.
Feels like water

It's a waiste of money.It cost around 40 $ and my makeup does not stay at all ,winter or summer.I have a combiation skin sometime oily sometimes dry and I wear glasses ...everything goes on my glasses im so disapointed ! Wanted to buy it for so long now I just wished I didnt

NurAimi I.
Good but there are better options

I use this Mist & Fix spray after noticing that it does not contain alcohol. It means it won't dry your skin. I spray the fine mist to my Beauty Blender and pat it rather than spray directly to the face. Comes in a huge bottle that last forever. This is great in setting your make up after applying too much powder. However, my make up starts to move after 6 hours.

Urban Decay's De-slick is still a better choice for oily skin especially during summer. Good Luck!

Kitty K.
Great setting spray

After using up all of my Kat Von D setting spray I wanted to try something new. Kat Von D did the job but was based on a solvent alcohol which is no good for skin. I went for Make Up Forever and I love this spray. It feels refreshing and does a good job of taking off any powder edge from setting my make up with powder. It has a lovely scent to it and the packaging is great.

Michelle L.
Well worth the price

This is well worth the hefty price tag. One or two sprays after makeup and before setting powder keeps my makeup looking fresh all day long. I have oily/combo skin and this product is not drying in any way. There is a slight fragrance, but it isn't bad.

Alexandra A.
LOVE this stuff!

All i can say is its WAY better than the mac fix spray! This stuff really keep ur makeup on, i wore it on a day where it was 33 degrees out n i was sweating bullets, all i had to do was pat my face with a paper towel, the sweat was gone but makeup still there!

Soma S.
The perfect in between for MAC's fix+ and Urban Decay's Deslick/All-Nighter sprays!

UD's setting sprays were WAY too drying, although it controlled oil well... it enhanced dry patches and emphasized my skin's flakiness when I didn't even know I was flaky to start with! [I exfoliate every other day w/ my Clarisonic... so I'm going to assume this just made my skin dry and lift to "flake"]

MAC's fix+ did nothing to set my makeup. On days where my skin was dry, it was a nice refreshing spray, but I much prefer Avene's Thermal Water instead, since the spray is a light mist and not a sloppy spritzer spitting on your face... The packaging for this SUCKS since I can't travel without it leaking all over the place. My trip to Vegas killed half the bottle in transit due to spillage in my luggage... =(

MUFE comes to save the day with their setting spray! It's the happy medium - not too drying, and hydrating enough to tone down a matte look. The packaging is more function than form, but that's why I love MUFE - it's no frills, and does what it's supposed to do. The spray nozzle actually "mists" the product on without the need of being in an aerosol can [yay for the environment!] and a bottle definitely lasts a long time! HG standard for me! =D

Olivia M.
Very , Very Good!
Photo of product included with review by Olivia M.

This is a great makeup setting spray and it lasts really long.I did a glittery, colorful eye look on my mom and it lasted all night and the glitters stayed on too.Even though its quite hard to get your whole face in one spray and you have to pat it dry or blend it in with a brush it works extremely well. Although it was a little on the expensive side ( £20.00) , I think it is worth it.

Stephanie H.
A great setting spray!

I have dry skin and I have tried a few setting sprays before. The MAC fix + broke me out. This does not break me out. I use this before I apply my foundation and after my moisturizer and it works like a dream. It is a bit heavier feeling say compared to the fix + or the ELF mist and set spray. But for me I need it since my skin is dry. My make up lasts a lot longer then it normally would. Great product!

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