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hey old friend. how has it been going??

Mar 05, 2012

Victoria S.

Hey lady! Just came across across Nujabes from the music talk forum and he's great! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Mar 06, 2012

Soma S.

Glad you like him! Too bad he passed away too young to produce more, but he's a must-have on my play list for almost any occasion! Work, studying, driving in the rain, sexy lounge time... *sigh*

If your ever interested in more songs similar to this, let me know. I love sharing music with people!

Feb 07, 2012

Erica H.

Hey soma. I started using the cerave hydrating cleanser a little over a month ago and haven't really noticed much of a difference at all in my skin. :( Do you think this might be because I'm not using the Cerave moisturizer to go with it?

Feb 07, 2012

Soma S.

That could be the case, but CeraVe and cetaphil facial washes take time to notice a difference. It took me three months to clear my breakout, but many others see results sooner. Id say stick with it for two months, and if ur not happy, try something else. The moisturizer does make a difference though. I still use my pm moisturizer religiously! Hope that helps, And best of luck!

Feb 08, 2012

Erica H.

Alright, thank you so much!

You are like a fountain of knowledge and I wanted to know do you think the Make up Forever HD starter kit is a good way to go before getting the whole set?

Feb 01, 2012

Soma S.

Haha, I struggled grasping makeup before the Internet helped me, so I'm just paying it forward by offering up what little advice helped me!

As for the kit, it is most definitely worth it! Most MUFE kits have valuable things worth using, and I'm a strong advocate for using their HD primer with their foundation. Their kabuki is well made, but not something I would seek out to buy on its own because the cheaper Ecotools bronzing brush is more dense, and just as soft. Nice to have if you've yet to own a kabuki though. I would normally rave about their HD powder, but since you are a WOC, odds are, it may/will turn ashy on your skin if you don't use a setting spray (which could tone down the powderiness, but not overall avoid this unfortunate effect on darker skin.)

In your case, I'd take that money and buy a full size primer with the foundation, and get the Ecotools bronzing brush instead. The HD powder you can sample, but from the WOC I've seen use it, it's had less than favorable feedback. Hope that helped, and sorry for the long response!

Feb 02, 2012

Beatrice K.

thanks I was reading on the internet that WOC have been having that problem but I let the woman at sephora do my face with the primer and hd foundation and I was in love. I did buy the Ecotools kit that had that brush in it and you are right they do make some nice brushes for the beginner like me.

Feb 02, 2012

Soma S.

Haha... I LOVE my Ecotools bronzing brush so much, I purchased two of them! It's not just a great tool for beginners, but I am happy/proud to have it stand up on my vanity amongst my higher-end brushes! [I think EVERYONE should own one!] It truly is a brush of quality - and I catch myself smiling sometimes over how much of a steal it is still! Glad you loved the primer and foundation! If you ever find anything better, let me know!

Feb 12, 2012

Beatrice K.

Hey just an update I went into Sephora and bought a sample of the hd primer and powder and the sales person gave me a sample of the foundation to try for myself. Just to let you know the hd powder didnt make me look ashy i used a very little and it went a long way. Thanks for all the advice I think I love MUFE!

Mar 06, 2012

Soma S.

I <3 MUFE too! It's one of my top HG brands, and I can honestly shop the brand blind without any reviews to refer to and I'll always pick a winning item I end up loving to pieces. Glad to hear the HD powder doesn't turn you ashy, now I have another person to share my love with! =]

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