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hey old friend. how has it been going??

Mar 5, 2012

Victoria S.

Hey lady! Just came across across Nujabes from the music talk forum and he's great! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Mar 6, 2012

Soma S.

Glad you like him! Too bad he passed away too young to produce more, but he's a must-have on my play list for almost any occasion! Work, studying, driving in the rain, sexy lounge time... *sigh*

If your ever interested in more songs similar to this, let me know. I love sharing music with people!

Feb 7, 2012

Erica H.

Hey soma. I started using the cerave hydrating cleanser a little over a month ago and haven't really noticed much of a difference at all in my skin. :( Do you think this might be because I'm not using the Cerave moisturizer to go with it?

Feb 7, 2012

Soma S.

That could be the case, but CeraVe and cetaphil facial washes take time to notice a difference. It took me three months to clear my breakout, but many others see results sooner. Id say stick with it for two months, and if ur not happy, try something else. The moisturizer does make a difference though. I still use my pm moisturizer religiously! Hope that helps, And best of luck!

Feb 8, 2012

Erica H.

Alright, thank you so much!

Thanks for following!!

LOVE the quote in your headline <3 !!! Great pics, I followed =0]

Jan 7, 2012

Soma S.

I know, right? Who knew a guy named Albert Camus could be so saucy to come up with such a clever quote?!

Love ur pics too!

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Soma S.

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"Charm is a way of getting the answer 'YES' without having asked any clear quesiton" - Albert Camus

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