EverSleek Intense Smoothing Shampoo


Elaina Y.
Great product

I have naturally coloured hair that is really full, corase, normal and frizzy. I tried this product because it was advertised to be sulfate free and claimed to keep corase hair smooth without silicone. After coming back from a vacation where the water was really hard I wanted to try a different shampoo than what I had been previously using (Tresemme). I thought that the next time I went on vacation I wanted to bring something tested out that would work well with hard water. I really like the smell of this product, it smells mildly like coconut butter. This product makes my hair feel really soft and it also blow dries out really straight. I also find that when I'm rinsing this product out in the showers I can easily run my hands through my hair without any tangles even before conditioner. The only issue I have with this product is that at my local drugstores this product is more than what I usually want to pay for, for a shampoo, and the size of the bottle isn't too large. BUT since it does work so well for me, I think the little bit of extra money is worth the product! So this is something that I would highly recommend to try. Especially if your area has hard water!

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Soma S.
I hate to go against the grain on this one...

Both the shampoo and conditioner was a huge miss for me. The shampoo doesn't lather at all, if any... And the conditioner leads me to believe its working, but by the time my hair dries, it is brittle and prone to breakage. I have long straight hair that has some damaged ends from previous colorings, but I'm growing it out. This makes my dry ends coarse and very unmanageable. Even my tangle teezer brush can't brush through the mess afterwards!

I tried using the conditioner for my brushes, but it left an undesirable film on them and still left them dry. Makes my hair and hair on brushes prone to falling out and breaking.

Save your money and try something else... ANYTHING else. =[

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Sandra S.
another fav conditioner of mine!

My hair is thick and curly and this conditioner helps me keep it healthy, strong, soft and shiny! I only use it every other day but it keeps my hair tamed and soft.. the price is great and I have never been able to not find it at a store... I would definately suggest this conditioner!

Myrna P.

I hardly use it bc of the price and between my daughter and I, we have to try and save $$$. I do however believe, that this product along with the conditioner is amazing! I love it!

Stephanie  M.

I really like this shampoo. It lathers well and leaves my hair feeling clean without stripping it. I'm African American with relaxed hair and I would highly recommend this shampoo to others with relaxed or chemically treated hair. It keep my hair soft and easy to detangle and straighten. After styling my hair is so smooth and shiny! This one is definitely a keeper. Thanks L'Oreal!

Bry R.
Awesome product!!

It made my hair really nice and soft and shiny! I stopped noticing spilt ends, too!! I had to stop using this just because my hair got oilier and it made it worse. But I still really liked This stuff. Works best if you have more dry hair.

Emily  M.

this shampoo is amazing! Hannah here on beautylish recommended this to me, as I've been looking for a good sulfate free shampoo. it works amazing, and has a nice smell. the only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is bc of the consistency. it had a very watery consistency! which I personally didn't like, as it was easy to slip through your fingers, getting everywhere and wasting the product. other than that, it's perfect!

Jasmine T.
Great product for sensitive scalp!

I've been using shampoos with SLS and it caused itchiness and blister-like pain on my scalp after every wash. I always thought that maybe the brand didn't suit me but I decided to try sulfate-free shampoo since its the big hype now and I've never regretted it! It has this light fragrance and doesn't irritate my scalp, leaves my hair visibly smoother and less frizzy after 2-3 washes. Its a great product if you have sensitive scalp and frizzy hair.

Rina N.

The reason why I leaned into this product is because it's sulfate free. It works really, If you expect tons of bubbles this is not for you. Unless, you pour a good amount of shampoo. But, since i started using this shampoo I feel that my scalp is starting to hurt if I move my hair and if i scratch my scalp i get this white residue under my nails. It may sound nasty sorry for the given information but i feel that maybe its not that well of a moisturizing shampoo or that it doesn't properly clean my hair. I don't know this might be me only?!?! :)

Amber L.
not for me!

i like the conditioner i feel like its verry creamy and you dont need alot but if you use to much it i makes your hair oily and i hate the shampoo it doesnt lather and it doesnt clean.