Omnia Crystalline


Albina g.

my absolute favorite perfume! i always end up repurchasing it. it's so light and fresh and feminine. when i wear it i feel sexy and confident and i get tones of compliments every single time.

Mary V.
My favorite scent of all time

I like most Bulgari perfumes, but this is the best of them all. On me, Omnia Crystalline is more green than floral (must be the bamboo?), more androgynous than feminine. It's not obnoxious and nose-killing, just subtle, classy, and confidence-boosting. This is the perfume that I get the most compliments on, from both men and women. Described a lot as "sexy" by my guy friends, which is strange I think because its not overly girly/seductive at all.

Soma S.
This is my "I mean business" perfume!

Floral/bright/jasmine... I love it. It's my fav. everyday scent for the office when I need that extra oomph! All those positive affirmations you tell yourself to psych yourself for a big event is exactly how this scent makes me feel. I am alert, on point, graceful, serious but able to relate and be charming to win it!

Pair this with my Super Woman heels for presentations or meetings, and I can definitely sell a blind man a TV.

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Lorena C.

By faaar an amazing scent love it, its a must have. Really soft and gentle and gets a lot of compliments. It smells flowery and almost sweet but not over powering whatsoever.