Omnia Crystalline


Soma S.
This is my "I mean business" perfume!

Floral/bright/jasmine... I love it. It's my fav. everyday scent for the office when I need that extra oomph! All those positive affirmations you tell yourself to psych yourself for a big event is exactly how this scent makes me feel. I am alert, on point, graceful, serious but able to relate and be charming to win it!

Pair this with my Super Woman heels for presentations or meetings, and I can definitely sell a blind man a TV.

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Albina g.

my absolute favorite perfume! i always end up repurchasing it. it's so light and fresh and feminine. when i wear it i feel sexy and confident and i get tones of compliments every single time.

Lorena C.

By faaar an amazing scent love it, its a must have. Really soft and gentle and gets a lot of compliments. It smells flowery and almost sweet but not over powering whatsoever.