Beauty Product Reviews

Never get sick of this, This would be something I would wear to my own wedding it's romantic and dreamy!!! One of my top 5. Hope they never discontinue! It is original!

Gotta try!

These are beyond great and soo affordable. The product alone is just amazing and the selection of colors are great. Not too crazy about there other lip gloss products but Mega Shine never lets me down!!

Great pallet for travel especially because the go to would be natural but I was a little disappointed because first the colors were a little too natural for me not to mention I was jiped! I didn't get the liner I received an eyeshadow brush with synthetic hairs that I would never use for anything more then an under the eye concealer which I already have 10 of. Still love but didn't get a wow out of it!

Been using this for about 2 weeks now with my face cleaning routine and have been loving it. It has bumped up my face feeling clean about 4 notches. my pores have never felt so clean! A must have.

I use this everyday in my shower most ex foliating creams cause me to break out and cause my skin the dry and flake after a few days. This does not. have been using it for 2 years now and wouldn't use anything else!

Just the perfect amount of gardenia. I do love this perfume but it really isn't original, Victoria secret has one similar and another from Calvin Klein I think it was. But it is a grown up smell.

This product was gifted, It smells yummy and my whole shower smelled like I backed a cake. very sudsy. Would I purchase it with my own money? Probably not.. Too expensive.


This product is the only product I now use on my eyebrows. The pay off is great and it is build able without looking clumpy or shale I say (sharpy looking) The color is just the perfect brown and make the brows look soft and almost natural.


I almost have every color. Very pigmented awesome, love the brush it's amazing. One coat is all you need! Sally Hansen has stepped it up with this product alone! Also the Insta-Dri Fast nail is great too.

Cleansing without having to do it more then once, and the product stretches. No real breakouts since I've been using this product. It really gets down and deep cleanses without being harmful to your skin.

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