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The Blackest!

The best for my inner eye super cream super black, Anytime they go on sale I purchase at least 10 of them, I have sisters that love this product as well.

The colors are very beautiful but the product is sometimes to thick to ignore. Using a moisturizing chap-stick underneath before applying definitely helps. No mater what this product stays in my makeup bag and I would purchase again.

So soft no shedding, Have been using ever since I've purchased it. This product is worth more then I paid for it! Will be purchasing more and gifting them as well.....

Love Love Love these blushes. I tend to reach for these more then the high end blushes. My best love is that the shimmer and glitter on these product aren't overdone like most. They need to come out with more colors. I would purchase them all!!

I must say this product is really thick, you really have to work with it. Maybe that's its downfall but I have oily skin and this product did help. I alternate primers because my skin tends to get used to the product. Cant say I hate it. But I still keep it in my makeup bag and I would purchase again. :)

Love the packaging, smells great, and taste great but not recommended for chapped lips. After 20 minutes the product feels goopy. I really knew it wasn't for me after a few days but I tried to love it, Seems everyone else does but It really wasn't for me. Very disappointed

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