Issey Miyake

L'Eau d'Issey


Leonie K.
Smells of Summer

I have worn this for years in the warmer months. When I wear it my son says Summer is here! Highly floral and reminiscent of warm nights and frangipani in the Sydney air, it is my favourite among many.

Maritza J.

Never get sick of this, This would be something I would wear to my own wedding it's romantic and dreamy!!! One of my top 5. Hope they never discontinue! It is original!

Carrie R.

Now my all time favorite perfume. I have worn this one over the last few years. It is clean and fresh without smelling like a lemon or grapefruit. All the right combinations..floral and musk blend is always incredible for me. It does last! I have gotten compliments from young to older, men and women when I wear this. Try it over the counter...I think you too will like it! XO Carrie