Vanilla Birthday Cake


Kate B.

I am a faithful philosophy consumer and have been since high school and I generally love warm vanilla scents but there was something about birthday cake that just didn't smell right! I felt like the scent didn't last very long and the scent really didn't remind me of vanilla birthday cake...

Myshel D.
Cute Gift
Photo of product included with review by Myshel D.

I don't like the smell of Vanilla but I really enjoy this product. It was a super cute gift from Sephora... The fact that it was free made me like it even more...hehe Would I purchase this product for myself ...No, but I would buy it as a cute gift for someone else. The good thing about this product is its multi-function use-- it can be a Shampoo, Shower gel or a bubble bath soap. I like to use it as shampoo.

Queen M.

The smell was great, I actually still have some of this lol. It lathers like an average body wash though. I wouldnt buy it as a staple on my budget but it's good for a splurge!

Arielle T.
Free gift, wouldn't run out to buy

I got this for free on my birthday at Sephora. I LOVED the smell but I would never just go out and buy this product. I wasn't that impressed-it was actually pretty average. I didn't notice that my skin was better by using this product.

Official Stina  D.

Anything by Philosophy, I am in love with. I have about 7 different scents & they make you feel so nice & fresh. I also love the fact that they have the recipes on the front of the bottles of what they are labeled. Too cute!

Madi S.

I got this as a birthday gift from sephora and I LOVE IT! It makes me feel extra clean! I thought all philosophy body wash would work like this one, but they don't. The smell is amazing.

Kim A.
amazing product!

I'm actually obsessed with this product by Philosophy! I also really impressed by how long a bottle lasts, i got mine at sephora last january for my birthday and i still have like an inch left(when you look at the bottle sideways)! I l love love love how it smells and it lathers really nicely :) i use it as a bubble bath but mostly for soap. i've never tried it as a shampoo though.. I highly recommend it :)

Myrna P.

It smells too sweet which I hate. I received it for my Bday from Sephora and was disappointed.

Kristen A.
Great for Body Wash, Not So Great for Bubble Baths.

I have two of Philosophy's 3-in-1's, one of which is Vanilla Birthday Cake. The fragrance really does smell of vanilla and that traditional cake-mix-scent we all know and love. It's not strong, and doesn't linger on the skin, so it won't compete with any perfumes/body sprays you use after showering.

Vanilla Birthday Cake's lather isn't very bubbly - not like some other body washes/bubble baths can be. It does lather, but nothing I'd call "rich". As a body wash, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. As a bubble bath, the bubbles don't reach anything higher than a fizz, and they dissipate almost instantly, so I definitely don't recommend it for that purpose. I haven't tried Vanilla Birthday Cake as a shampoo because my hair is color-treated, so I can't report on its performance there.

All in all, Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake 3-in-1 is a lovely scent, and works wonderfully as a body wash, but I really don't think it's anything worth purchasing. While you're only paying $1.00 per ounce, $16 for a vanilla cake-scented body wash that doesn't do anything special seems like a waste to me. I received my particular bottle as my free birthday gift from Sephora. I likely wouldn't have purchased it otherwise.

Kenzi S.

I love it!! I think it smells fantastic and I got it from Sephora on my birthday. Best body wash ever! My favorite scent is vanilla so I just fell in love. It lathers pretty well, pretty decent as a shampoo. I have no complaints other than i wish I had more