Purity Made Simple

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Shelley W.
Best Cleanser

Purity does it all for me. It removes all my eye make-up without stinging my eyes and I haven't had to witch hazel to remove anything remaining because nothing is left behind. Since it's not loaded with fragrance my skin is never irritated.

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Wafi A.
Great cleanser and Brush Cleaner

This has been one of my favorite cleansers for years. What I love about it is that it cleanses, removes makeup, and tones your face. It's basically a 3-in-1 product.

Alot of people don't realize that there is a toner and makeup remover built right in to remove sebum and protect your skin from free radicals.

There are times I use it as a brush cleaner. Like I said, there's a built in brush cleaner. It also reconditions the hairs. Now, I don't think you should waste your money cleaning your brushes with this every time, but once in a while it's great. It really softens the hairs and gets rid of everything.

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Inge T.

Takes away makeup without drying out your skin. A little goes a long way. Look for it on QVC they usually have a 32 oz bottle with a pump for like 30 bucks.

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Katherine Y.

This is probably the best cleanser I've ever tried. I've been using this product for about a year and a half and have no plans of changing, EVER!

I have super frickin dry skin and eczema but this product does not irritate my face at all. It's really gentle and does a great job at removing face and eye make-up. It also leaves my face feeling hydrated.

Several people who dislike this cleanser say that it doesn't take off all their eye make-up. It's not purely an eye make-up remover so I don't expect it to clean every last bit off. However, I would say that I have never used a cleanser, besides this one, that gently and effortlessly removes my eye make-up.

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Jessica V.
pleasant enough

I got this in my birch box and am pleased enough with it. It's very light and smells nice and rinses off easily. I like the small size as I'm going on vacation soon and this is such a non-drying every day cleanser.

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Anneka F.

This is an okay cleanser - it's not too pricey and its an all in one cleaner + makeup (incl eye) remover. It just wasn't the one for me - I found the smell far too strong for my liking and it kind of stung my eyes and didn't get all the makeup off - but I've seen it work AMAZINGLY for heaps of others, so I'm still happy to recommend it.

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Lisa K.
The short term results are great, I agree, but...

Check out this review of Purity Made Simple -

Did you know parabens can cause: endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), biochemical or cellular level changes, developmental/reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, allergies/immunotoxicity, and ecotoxicology?

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Ana Maria M.
Love this

This has been my very favourite cleanser ever since I discovered it about three years ago :) It's very gentle, removes most of my makeup (except liner and mascara), and does not dry out my skin or irritate my eyes. I also need to use only a small amount so it lasts me a long time for the price :3 I love it, it's awesome, and every time I try to get off it and use a different cleanser, I do notice a change in my skin and not a good one :P

Vania F.

I have combination skin, this cleanser is my holy grail. I like so many other use this cleanser with my clarisonic, I have tried so many other cleansers and I always come back to this. I have gotten to the point that this is that one item that I prob. will forever continue to buy. Purity made simple is also a great brush cleaner it takes allllll the gunk off your brushes, try it! of you haven't.

Shauna  W.

This is the only cleanser I'll use. I use it with my Clairsonic, and my face is smooth and it always feels "clean". Until I started using this, I always had residue from other cleansers, and I'd have to retrace my steps with other products. You only need a tiny bit to make a huge difference, so it goes a long way.