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This is probably the greatest hair oil in history. It's not too oily and doesn't darken your hair. It has a very subtle smell. It repairs, nourishes, and makes your hair look the best that it ever will. It gives your hair all the nutrients that have been lost through harsh weather conditions or through heat damage. This helped me a lot to turn my hair from a curly, frizzy afro into straight, manageable hair like on my profile picture

There is no better

MAC lipsticks in general, no matter how many you try, will always come out with one result: unmatchable. MAC is one of the best brands of make-up, because it makes products like this that are just everything a woman looks for. It's creamy but not too soft. It's rich in colour but is buildable and can be sheered out. It lasts for a long time but wipes away with a make-up remover instead of sticking to your lips stubbornly. It's one of the best brands of lipsticks you will ever try.


I'm going to start off with consistency. It's literally like swiping velvet against your lips. It's SO soft and creamy and i just love the feel of this lipstick. It feels more like a lipbalm than anything else, but the colour pigmentation is SO incredible! It's sheer enough to be a lipbalm if you apply one light coat; but if you apply around two coats, it's a very rich colour that's good enough for a night out. I don't usually like to splurge on high end make-up, but this gets a huge round of applause from me, and i must admit that it is my guilty pleasure. Make it your guilty pleasure too and pick it up next time you go shopping.

Quite incredible, if i do say so myself

I have my own nivea lipbalm on my table as i write this. I guess that shows you just how much i am irrevocably in love with this lipbalm! I've tried SO many different lipbalms, and none of them compare to this. It's not too greasy but it's thick enough to stick your lips, whereas other lipbalms just slick off your lips after a few minutes. If i wear this overnight, my lips are so soft, supply and moisturised in the morning. No matter how chapped and painful my lips feel: after about 5 minutes of wearing this lipbalm, my lips are nourished and restored. Last week i went to my friend's house also and forgot to take my moisturiser with me, and used a small amount of this on my face and it moisturised so well! Hooray for the multi taskers. I've gone through about 50 tubes of this already, and i plan to go through many more.

Very good, considering the price

N.Y.C product usually are quite amazing, compared to their price. The colour that i got (blossom) is a hot pink with blue undertones, which makes your teeth appear whiter: so it's a universally flattering shade. My friend who is far lighter skin toned than me uses the same shade and it looks phenomenal on her too. The darker skin tone you are though, the more toned down this colour will look. This dries matte and lasts for a long time. You need to use a lip brush to apply this lipstick however, because the lipstick itself doesn't glide on smoothly and can clump up if you don't use a lip brush to spread it smoothly. But overall, it's very impressive and i'm definitely going to re-purchase it in more colours.

  • Red
True to it's word

This seriously lasts for long! I wore it at around 6pm and it lasted all night and all of the next day too! So it's a definite 24 hour lip colour. The lip colour itself will be drying if you already have dry lips, so i would recommend dry exfoliating your lips, but DON'T put anything moisturising on your lips! Not even the balm supplied with this lip colour! The second your lips have a greasy moisturiser on them, the lip colour fails to stick to your lips and fades extremely quickly. I would recommend using the balm provided as a lip balm separately on a day where you are not wearing this colour, and just using the lip colour by itself. I even recommended this to my friend and she got hooked on it! It is a stain so make sure to blend it into your lips with your fingers quickly, before it dries.

I am a strong, independent woman with this lipstick

I fell in love with the packaging of this product because it looks very high end. Maybelline's products have always impressed me and this is no different. The formulation is very creamy but doesn't smudge/bleed easily. It's a very true, rich red that can be toned down enough for everyday wear, but is loud enough for a night out; so it's extremely multi purpose. It has blue undertones, which makes your lips seem whiter and is therefore the best type of red lipstick that is universally flattering. My mum also used this so it is suitable for teenagers along side mature women. I have yellow undertones as i have a warmer skin colour, and this is perfect for me. It's more toned down on me because of my skin colour, but on lighter skin colours it's extremely captivating. Perfect for feeling like a strong, independent woman.


It smells very light and fresh and is more suited towards older people. It's not overpowering or rich and it's very light but defiant enough that you can smell it all day. It's the type of smell that is intoxicating and each time you move, you can smell it again. It's very popular in terms of boys as most guys i know love this fragrance on girls.

Smells good, fades fast

This wasn't too popular and i wasn't too crazy about the packaging as it didn't give off the impression of high end, but it smells very great. It's extremely sweet and very flirty: Great for a teenager. The smell faded quickly but it was such a rich scent that i didn't mind carrying it around with me. I would have bought it again, had it not been limited edition. Very good in terms of scent.


Wow is all i can say about this perfume. It is the exact perfume that a woman of the age of 30 would want. However it's so adaptable that me : as a teenager, and my mum: as a 50 year old woman, can still enjoy this perfume. It's sweet and flirty enough to be young enough for me, and yet sensual and classy enough to suffice for my mother. It's a very distinct and one of a kind smell. Very incredible scent.

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