Marine Groove


S N.
Love the smell, but TESTS ON ANIMALS.

I really love this scent. Its juicy and fruity and warm and bright and all things summer. Unfortunately, Escada is owned by P&G (Procter and Gamble), which are a huge baddie animal testing company. I only discovered this once I started really cracking down on not buying animal tested products. It's still one of my favourites, but it is favoured in vain. Not sure if I will repurchase this again because of it.. :(

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Holly R.

This is the perfect summer fragrance. It lasts a really long time on the skin and smells amazing from beginning to end. I love the packaging because it looks great in my collection. I find that guys really love the smell as well, since it's very tropical and fruity and not as complex as other scents.

Hunny V.

I love the smell of this perfume. It goes very well with my Tuscan blood orange lotion. Good match. If you haven't tried it yet, you have to sometime soon. Wouldn't want ya to miss out the the great smell. Good for spring. :)

Veronica T.

i love this smell!!!!!!! its fruity and girlie! perfect for summer. its nothing like a pineapple, its exotic fruits and just smells perfect. when i first saw it and smelled it, i bought it.

Lani W.
Smelled great! Faded fast though.

Hubby loved this one. Only issue I had with it was that it seemed to fade fast off me. I like a hard working scent. One that sticks to you so long you smell like it faintly the next day still.

Kristen B.
I love this.

I hadn't heard of Escada until I went into a department store and smelled this. I really, really like it. It smells similar to other smells, but it's a little unique.

Hasini J.
Smells good, fades fast

This wasn't too popular and i wasn't too crazy about the packaging as it didn't give off the impression of high end, but it smells very great. It's extremely sweet and very flirty: Great for a teenager. The smell faded quickly but it was such a rich scent that i didn't mind carrying it around with me. I would have bought it again, had it not been limited edition. Very good in terms of scent.