Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care

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Fatima K.
Love it!

Unlike my EOS lip balm this is truly moisturizing. This lip balm feels amazing on the lips. The texture is pretty close to Vaseline but this is much better. I highly suggest everyone to go buy this!

Jordyn E.
Very Smooth

A very nice product. Applys very smoothly to lips. The only downside of this product is that it runs out pretty fast. Other than that the product is silky and smooth, it also leaves a nice shine on the lips.

Fiona W.

This is an essential, I always have this with me all the time because it moisturises my lips so well and gives them a nice shine! Definitely recommend this lip balm

Lily I.

This product makes your lips so soft and also feels nice when applying. I have the pink shimmer one and love it! The pink shimmer reminds me of Barbie lips, which is good.

Aldela I.

this products insane really hydrating your lips will just as soft as a satin really all that dry annoying thing will just gone and smooth and doesnt taste like wax

Ariana G.
KISS of Moisture Indeed!

I used this all the time! Great price, the texture is silky without being goopy, and it has a light refreshing scent that I really enjoy. They also have one called Kiss of Strawberry or something which I like because it has the same GREAT formula but SMELLS like strawberries and gives your lips a gorgeous red color which looks completely natural. Perfect!

Nicky V.

i love this lip balm.i normally have dry chapped lips but when i started using it my lips weren't chapped anymore and they felt and looked a lot softer though i keep losing it but i pretty sure thats my fault

Natasha K.

My dad gave me this one or two weeks ago and ever since my lips have been soo smooth, before this I had very dry chapped lips but as soon as I started using this my lips have got much better also it is very easy to apply!

Saoirse  O.

I only bought this a week ago and used it twice, beifre I bought it I had disgustingly chappy and flaky lips and now my lips are spectacular !! its very cheap and I use all the time now... I'd say its definitely worth it :)

Niya G.
No not for me

My mom uses this lip care product. When I use it, it makes it soft for a about 15 mins. and then it gets really dry. It does not keep it moisturized!