Dolce & Gabbana

Rose The One


Maryam K.

I ADORE this perfume, it smells amazing I cant really describe it apart from it is so feminie and flirty and the man in your life will love it!

Francesca C.

I looooove this, I got it for Christmas and it's pretty much my most prize possession. I barely even use it because I love it so much. I wear it on special occasions or whenever I'm in a good mood. I get so many compliments when I wear it too :)

Toshira A.

I love The One collection but The Rose is my favorite. It wears very well throughout the day and smells amazing. Whenever I wear it, I always get compliments. It's fresh and not too strong either. It is a good everyday perfume.

Nadia N.
One of my all time faves

This is such a romantic light scent and it does smell like roses. I love that it does smell like roses but its not in your face its more muted. One Spray will do you good and this scent lasts on the skin a very long time!! If you can ever get a sample or a full size go get it cause its much lighter than the regular Dolce and Gabbana the one

Vi-An T.

This was actually a present form someone in the past... But its scent is what I can only describe as pretty and romantic. It's light and lingering and easy on the nose. The bottle is a little bulky and my main concern is dropping the thing and wasting all of its contents. Overall it's something I'll use for a fancy date :)

Hasini J.

It smells very light and fresh and is more suited towards older people. It's not overpowering or rich and it's very light but defiant enough that you can smell it all day. It's the type of smell that is intoxicating and each time you move, you can smell it again. It's very popular in terms of boys as most guys i know love this fragrance on girls.

Tiffany S.

I got a small bottle sample of these & like it. This perfume is on my Christmas list. It's such a femine scent. Not overly strong, but has enough scent to be noticed. My Husband even likes it.