Yves Saint Laurent

ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15


Teri A.
Best Lipstick on the Market

This is my favorite lipstick formula on the market. No matter what color, even the lightest shade, is highly pigmented. The application is silky, and they have excellent staying power. I also love that the shade stays true. What you see in the tube is exactly what you get. I am irritated though that YSL stopped putting the little mirrors on the ends of the caps.

Katie B.
Insane Color Payoff

The color of this lipstick is INSANE- the most beautiful purple/cooltoned dark red color. I love to use this as a stain by sheering out the color, which is easy because it's so creamy. It's a little drying but not anywhere as bad as some lip products. My main complaint about this lipstick is the shape of the bullet - I hate that it's round! For a balm or something sheer it's fine - but this is not any of those, so I find it extremely difficult to apply straight from the bullet.

Emma K.

I love the smell of this lipstick but I can't wear this on its own because if I do not exfoliate my lips it will go into any cracks in my lips. If I put a balm over my lips I love the glossiness it gives and makes my lips look amazing.

Lacey B.

I lusted over these lipsticks for a long time. The packaging is just... too much for me to handle. So gorgeous and luxurious. A couple days ago, I finally bought one. I do like it, but I'm not as in love as I thought I'd be. I read extensively about these before I bought one (like always), and didn't think anything of it when people described the consistency as "slippery". But, that's exactly what it is. It's very strange. It almost feels like it's sliding all over the place, but it isn't. Because of this, it does not last very long. The smell is also kind of a turn off. I should have known, because I have a YSL lipgloss that I hate the smell of. The only way I can describe it is, it smells like pencil shavings. All of that aside, I really like this lipstick. The color is adorable and not overpowering, the formula is lightweight (although slippery) and the packaging is sturdy and awesome. It's great, but with the steep price tag, I probably won't buy another one. I'm happy with just one.

Nadia N.
Best lipstick holy grail

This lipstick feels like silk and the best pigmentation. I have spicy pink the perfect nude/neutral for me. They are moisturizing and creamy. They are also very glossy. They also have an SPF which is important for the delicate skin of the lips.

Shelley W.
Almost Perfection

Bored of MAC and a few other lines I decided to buy a few lipsticks from this line. Great buy as I love the scent and slight fruity flavor along with great color selection. The heavy packaging is beautiful as well. I haven't experienced any bleeding or serious drying out of the lips that some beauties have experienced. I have 5 so far and look forward to collecting more.

Sherweet A.

I adore this lipstick. . It has a very moisturizing formula which is perfect if you have dry and chapped lips.. it doesn't feather out even though I don't use it with a lip liner. .

Jasmine T.

I asked my brother to purchase it for me while he was at the airport and I've never tried YSL lipsticks but I must say I really love the creamy texture and how it instantly moisturizes it! Orange Shiver isn't really orange and it has a bit of peach tones which I absolutely love! Its worth the splurge and I can't wait to get my hands on the other colours.

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Nicki N.
A bit disappointing

The color was a little too frosty and the consistency is a bit too moisturizing. I still am lusting over Lingerie Pink though. :X Not something I feel like I need to hoard.

Manal A.

I didn't really like the consistency although the color was great.. the consistency was really SO creamy and it didn't last for more than an hour or maybe less than an hour..