SuperStay 24 color

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Mariagracia V.
Love it!

Use it almost everyday. The colors are beautiful and it definitely lasts. I wouldnt say 24 hours but it does lasts quite long. It is a very dry pigment so It is important to keep it glossed throughout the day

Jenni G.
Blown away

I've never been a lip stain person, but when I saw this I just had to try it. After applying it once in the morning, I didn't have to touch it up even once! It lasted the whole day and well into the night without bleeding or flaking off. It's my go to for a punch of berry color that will last all day!

Kendra H.
There Are better

It is not as long lasting as they claim and it's very drying on the lips. Very pigmented and the colors are all very beautiful. Not my favorite though. Info think there are better stains out there and I'd leave these in the shelf!

Geylan A.

It wasn't really my favorite. It made my lips dry and flake. I had the worst reaction to it. My lips felt like so cracked! :/ I really wish it worked out! Especially, after reading all of these awesome reviews! :(

Paula J.
A must have only for some special occasions

I have it for a few month now and I have to tell that it's a must have but only for some occasions. The product is what they sell: a superstay. Your lips must be clean for the color to stay well so not moisturize them previously! When it dry it really DRY your lips. I mean carton dry. You need to apply the other part of the lipstick to get a soft and moist feeling and look.

I don't recommend this product for an everyday use because It seems to be very aggressive with the lip skin. After I use it I need to remove it with a hard makeup remover and exfoliate otherwise it leave some residual product and very dry lips.

It's perfect for those occasions like parties when you need to be perfect all the time and you can't retouch your make up very much.

Eunice R.
Eternal Sunset

thats the color i have, and i do love this lipstain, it was the first lip stain i bought to try it out and i love it, it does last a long time, but you eventually have to reaply. it works best when you put two coats of the color, and let it sit for 1 minute to obtain its best results, i am considering on buying more shades.

Hasini J.
True to it's word

This seriously lasts for long! I wore it at around 6pm and it lasted all night and all of the next day too! So it's a definite 24 hour lip colour. The lip colour itself will be drying if you already have dry lips, so i would recommend dry exfoliating your lips, but DON'T put anything moisturising on your lips! Not even the balm supplied with this lip colour! The second your lips have a greasy moisturiser on them, the lip colour fails to stick to your lips and fades extremely quickly. I would recommend using the balm provided as a lip balm separately on a day where you are not wearing this colour, and just using the lip colour by itself. I even recommended this to my friend and she got hooked on it! It is a stain so make sure to blend it into your lips with your fingers quickly, before it dries.

Daphne R.
Weird Color

The formula is fabulous and if you apply it as directed it will last and last and last. I actually took a nap wearing another shade (Petal) and was pleasantly surprised that it was still on.

This color is weird - it looks kind of coral in the tube and pink when applied but it turned a weird orange color after a little while. I tried it with primer and without primer with the same results. I'm not writing the product line off - but I'm going to stick with Petal and not experiment with other colors.

Holly M.
Awesomesauce :)

I decided to test this out a night I was going out with my girlfriends.

All you do is apply the color, wait for about, oh id say 30 seconds (if you wait to long it dries and cracks) it'll still feel slightly sticky and then put the chapstick over it. DONE!

This stuff is awesome! It lasted ALL night! I drank with it and ate with it and the only thing I had to reapply was the chapstick/lipgloss thing it came with. Ill be buying another one of these for sure

Pamela M.
just okay...

It dried nicely, and gave me nice color. but once I put the balm over it, it got almost sand like, it got crusty and just icky feeling in general.