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This is my new addiction. This cleanser does what it says. It is so pure, dissolves my make up gently and even my eye make up, it doesn't even sting my eyes. It makes my face feel dewy fresh after. I have also wanted to know why there were such good reviews so I tried it for myself and I'm in love. I highly recommend this product. Leave it on as directed then rinse you can also use it with your clarasonic, i just used my finger tips and gently cleansed to put it to the test. No tugging, even my mascara make up came of in such a breeze. It truly is all in one. Now you don't even have to buy eye make up remover because this takes it off gently . I was so surprised. Now I'm addicted! I got to have one. I plan on purchasing a large bottle for my me and for my family to try. I like the fact that it doesn't sting the eye and make up simple melts away I don't even haave to scrub it out. I LOVE IT. YOU WILL TOO. It is WORTH IT!!!

One of the best hand creams you'll ever buy.

I love this brand L'occitane especially when i travel i see it all around i put some on and i get such an instant effect on my hands, seems smoother and in better condition prior to using it. It works fast. There are also other comparable products like nutragena norwegian formula comparable. I have the mini size $10 for my purse and I love it. I also put it by my computer and since i was my hands a lot it's a great handcream. Something instant about it attracts me I see a difference right after I put it on. Great Quality

Volume and pigmented.

This mascara was suggested to me by my niece. I like it so far. It's nice and dark , it can get a little clumpy but it does give a lot of volume to my lashes. Not so much on separation but thicker looking lashes. I purchase a lot of mascaras, from high end to drugstore. This is a good one if you would like some volume.... the wand does appear odd in shape but works well for full looking thick lashes if that's the look you liked to achieve.

Love it, fresh and clean and soft

I got this as a gift. It foams up really nice, i use it with clarasonic mia and you can just use whatever you have and your fingers to gently cleans. Just a little give a lot of nice foam and the smell is good, the after feel is great. I feel clean not dry, and balanced. Definitely a wonderful cleanser and you can tell it's balancing. My skin feels good after this cleansing. I highly recommend this. I have oily to combination skin. Works well. I was surprised. Love it

Soft and good price .

I like this Elf brush first of all the quality and for the money you pay for it. It glides on smoothly. I used this for everyday when I'm not using my more high end optical blurring brush by Urban Decay. This is a pretty good Brush. The hairs don't fall off either, easily to clean. I like the sturdy handle and i have it in a powder brush. You can't been the price and quality. If someone needs a great powder brush to help blend or put the finishing touches this is nice and soft and really good for your money. Good product it's comparable to some pricey brushes out there that turn so dry after awhile. You'll like this!


I was really excited to get this product. I have it in the Rose color. There's not much pigment in the sugar rose but feels good when you first put it on. Only complaint is after an hour or so it stars to peel on my lips but I do like the moisturizing it give in the beginning, I guess because sugar naturally exfoliates. I think there's more hype to it but it's a good product. You could probably get something comparable for a lot less. It is too expensive for a chapstick sort of feeling, it's comparable to burts bees with honey natural. Price wise it's too much but it's a nice luxury product.

soothing to my skin

I have this in a sample and I love the smell, i like how it feels on my skin. Feels natural, cleanses lightly and gives a fresh feeling. I don't feel it's harsh but feels good on my skin. I used this with a clarasonic mia or other cleansing brushes.. It's a feel good cleanser.

really pigmented nice

I get a lot of compliments with this lip pencil stick. It really is pigmented, the color is fabulous and it really feels good putting on. It's just the right amount of moisture and matte mixed in. I really like the long lasting feel and that it doesn't feel cakey. I would like to try the other colors as well. I have the color in crush.

This was my go to mascara for the last 2 years

This is a wonderful mascara. The tarte line has really good quality products. This mascara lengthened my lashes and gave me great volume just as it says. It truly does what it says. It look fuller lengthen. I used this one and Mally mascara. I liked it so much that I purchased a few when I ran out. I purchased the set of two. It really is like a push up bra for your lashes. It's a quick fix too if you don't want to wear false eyelashes because this one makes your lashes look long think and very full. Only thing is it dries up after 2 hours a bit. It does stay though... You will like this one! Gives you lashes you thought you didn't have! Love it

really rich

this is a really rich feeling concealer. It's wonderful. I little goes a long way. It's quality feeling when i put it on. Tarte line is one of my favorites and I was very suprised how much coverage with just a little amount. It seems very concentrated. Very good product the whole line is quality. You can't go wrong with Tarte. Love it.

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