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One of the smoothest best primers must have

This is one of the best primers I have tried on before putting foundation. It does smooth out the skin and makes the foundation go on even better. This is a must have out of most of the primers I've tried. I also like boschia pore. This Smash box photo finish has a nice silicon feel. I used it before trying numerous foundations and the application is wonderful. You can really get addicted to this primer and tell when you don't have this one. It does what it says. It's gotten awards and rightfully deserves it. I tried it for myself. It really does the job ! Highly recommended.

One of the best brow pencils

This is one of the best natural looking brow pencils I've used. You can't beat the price either at a dollar or less. This brow pencil looks natural in taupe color for most skin tones. Get the taupe in 648 wet n wild. It's comparable to more high end brow pencils. You will love it. I have it also in brown but taupe looks natural with all skin tones. Get taupe 648 use it to fill the brows. It has a nice wax like finish keep it sharpened for precision. These is really one of the best products I've tried , affordable and looks natural on all skin tones.

Great pigment, soft color.

I love this color on my lips in semi matte. It's really pigmented and feels good. Only negative is after an hour or so it feels drying. Other than that I gave it 4 stars. Pigment is fabulous. The color is nice and rich. Perfect red for me , not too red, not to orange but in the middle like a stain. I love this color.... and how it lightens up my outfits and face especially against white or cream colors.

Love the pigment and summer color look

I love this blush, the pigments soft and looks natural. I love the look of this summer glow. Not orangy but more golden. It's a really pretty color!

I love this blurring brush..

When i first tried it I really liked how it put on my foundation. I used the foundation at the sephora store but at home i used my own and it makes your foundation look nicely airbrush. Pretty good price for the quality. It is synthetic . Easier to clean. I really like the feel of the brush. I was also looking for sigma brushes but saw this one and tried it and like the feel . It does exactly what it says helps in the application of foundation , helps buff it in and feel really good. I like it , I wish all the brushes were like this. Feels really nice to apply make up .

Pretty nice separation

I am looking for the fluttery eyelash look and I compare this to the Loreal False Fiber voluminous mascara. Both work great. I found that the Benefit They're real separated the lashes well and for longevity after 3 hours the Benefit remained the same and the Loreal although also a good mascara started to smudge. The Loreal though has a better pigment, the They're real not as dark but good separation. I thought it's pretty pricey for the hype when you can get comparable mascaras that do the same for 7 -8 dollars. With They're real i believe you are paying for longevity. I do like the round tip part of the brush which help me give more precise application to the bottom lashes. I Like both drugstore mascara and this mascara though I wish there was more product. Bottom line it last longer, still keeps in tact, and separates sort of curls, It does have a nice lash brush with the tip that helps for the tricky inner lashes and bottom lashes. Con well pricey for the hype. This mascara last longer the difference between this and drugstore is not that much except for price and longevity and pigment :-)

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